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  1. Pistro

    G29 linearity issue?

    It could also be the case that this car doesn't have steering animation for more than 540 degrees, because that's what you will get with it if you use soft lock. This doesn't mean that the wheels are doing the same thing though. You can test it by watching the front wheels from external camera.
  2. Pistro

    FFB strength variations?

    I have experienced this, but in my case this is something that has to do with how my body adapts to longer sessions. At first I'm not warmed up so the FFB feels heavier but it gets progressively lighter the longer I play. This has nothing to do with the forces exerted by the motors getting weaker, but rather with muscles adapting to the stresses. Seems like a possible explanation for your problem.
  3. Pistro

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's not a nuisance. Just look at the most helpful negative reviews on Steam. Most of them mention championship resets.
  4. Pistro

    DiRTy Gossip

    Riggs, don't forget about championship resets. They have to either be prevented or there needs to be some information displayed to players that career modes are not offline and are prone to being reset. As long as there are people losing hours of their progress, because of it this, game won't be set for good.
  5. Pistro

    soft lock

    Some of the cars you mentioned have more than 900 degrees. Search this website for accurate rotation of each car: http://tech-racingcars.wikidot.com/
  6. Wales is already confirmed for Season 2.
  7. Pistro

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I had that too. Now that I think of it, I also saw an AI driver getting a tire puncture or losing their bodywork a couple of times. Also, they sometimes make false starts, which causes a race restart.
  8. Pistro

    soft lock

    It's probably because in order to activate soft lock you have to first calibrate your steering wheel and then turn it on in your steering wheel settings (it's at the bottom of the menu with all the saturation and deadzone options).
  9. Pistro

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Unexpected moment in rallycross is when the AI doesn't ram you into the wall at the start.
  10. I assume it's an office chair? There are many ways to stop it from rolling back. Easiest one would be to put some shoes under it's wheels. Ideally you would want to connect the chair with the pedals somehow.
  11. Pistro

    soft lock

    Soft lock automatically changes your steering wheel's rotation range, depending on what car you drive, to match reality. It's slider determines the strength of the resistance encountered when reaching maximum rotation.
  12. Pistro

    Historic 2 front wheel drive

    Yup, it's probably the worst class when it comes to difficulty balancing.
  13. PC, Steam: 1. As of update 1.4 it's impossible to view overall event standings, after completing a stage, during Community Events. Only individual stage times are displayed, until an event is completed. 2. Texture clipping(?) occurs whenever a camera gets too close to an object, in this case it was an external car camera getting too close to the ground. This also affects head camera in Lancia Stratos, at lowest field of view setting:
  14. Pistro

    Monthly/Weekly Leaderboards

    I noticed that this was introduced after update 1.4. Before it only overall results were displayed, so there was no way to check individual stage results.
  15. What do you mean "it's too stiff"? You can't depress it 100%? If you can, but it's hard, just keep at it and you will get used to it eventually. It's that stiff for a very good reason, which is that our muscles are better at "memorising" pressure rather than postion. Racing cars have extremely stiff brake pedals for this reason. If you remove the thing that's making the pedal progressively stiffer you will lose out on braking accuracy. By the way, start driving with your shoes on if you aren't already. It will be much easier to depress it, just like in a real car. If you still can't depress it completely then lower the in game saturation so that you can achieve 100% input.