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  1. 5 Days ago and the only feedback of the customer service: - Ports... have to be activated on steam! Thanks alot... the ports are already activated!!! the problem is race net, and the career reset, not the port configuration!!
  2. Dear Christina, the implemented fix dont works. The most important Game Mode is "My Team", only there i can win credits and have fun with the progress from nothig to group B. The custom area cant be an replacement for "My Team". Racenet has reset my savegame/progress for three times. 2 times after 4 events, 1 times after 8 events. My connection is perfectly fast and without any problems. the only problem is racenet. The game isnt playable for me. Please stop the synchronisation of safegames with racenet and stop the reset of my team for all Players!! This problem is unaccaptable. At the moment it can happen all the time. What should i do if the reset from racenet happens after much more events (for example when i am in Group B)?? Schould i start the game again from the beginning like the moment? If there is an problem with the synchronisation take the savegame from racenet and thats it. So i lost one race, but not all of the spended time. Reset "My Team" is an inexplicable idea! Thank you!