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  1. For the moent, only thefanatec base and the pedals are connected.

    the keyboard and the mouse are connected trough ps/2


    no changes with the error.
    i cant belive...fanatec problems ?
    drivers are up to date and the problems are only, 100% and absolute only, in dirtrally and dirtrally2

  2. the integrated gpu are disabled 2017 😄
    I dont need the Igpu

    The Problem is the USB or the connected devices.

    From the beginning..

    I have connected to my Rig:
    Oculus Rift
    2 Rift Sensors
    2 Touch controllers

    1 Xbox 360 Controller
    1 Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog-Set (2 USB)
    1 Fanatec CSW 1.5
    1 Pedals with Controller Bu0836Lc from Leo Bodnar


    Now... its beginnig crazy...i dont understand...its funny

    After starting DR2, the game is running or its running not.

    : start
    After one or more Races, or on the Replay, the game is crashing with the Error message from Post#1

    Now, i disconnect the rift, usb and hdmi
    the game is crashing @: Start

    I disconnect the Sensors
    the game is crashing  : Start

    I disconnect the 360-Controller.
    the Game is running fine, 4 Hours playtime without errors.

    I connect the Rift, the Sensors, the Controller..
    the Game is running fine, 2 Hours playtime without errors.

    this was Yesterday...

    Today 1h Pm:
    I start my rig without rift, sensors and the 360 controller.
    the devices are disconnected from usb.

    I start dr2 and...
    the game is crashing  : Start
    30 mins testing, 5 errors... Really ?

    I disconnect the:
    Hotas Wathog System and the game is crashing @ : Start
    I disconnect the pedals an the game is crashing directly after start @ : Start
    I disconnect the fanatec base and the game is running...

    I connect all my USB devices and the game is running...its stuttering..every 2 seconds one secound pause...unplayable.

    I shutting down the computer...
    I connect all usb devices.
    I start the computer.
    I start dr2 and the game is running for 2 hours without errors.

    i shutting down the computer...
    I restart the computer, no changes.
    I start dr2...it crashes...

    Do aou need any logfiles from me for discover the problem ?


    by the way...
    I have absolutely the same problems in dirt rally one. (i have buy DR @release Early acess)
    DR crash to the desktop and its save dumpfiles in the game directory.
    with a mdmp reader, i have see the same problems in DR from DR2.
    the last entry or on eentry is a "access violation in dinput8.dll"
    two dump files are here as an atachment.


    i hope this files help you to finding my problems.

    I love the dirt rally games and i want to play this fantastic games with a very big smile in my face 😄

    Last, sorry for my terrible english (i am from germany.)


  3. After start the game and plaing some races the game is crashing and i see this:


    the acess violation are exaclty the same, its dinput8 dll.

    The same problem is after start the game, its crashed with the same error
    Or in the Replays, its crashed with the same error....dinput8.dll

    windows10 is absolutely new installed.
    all drivers are up to date.
    no problems with other racing games. (iracing/dirt4/raceroom)

    DirectX is up to date, dinput8.dll is also okay

    No change on "dirt rally2" Files
    the game is exactly the version downloaded from steam.



    Asus Sabertooth z170 mark1
    I7 7700K 
    16GB DDR4 2800
    Xonar d2X
    4X1000GB SSD

    Clubsport base EU With BMW Wheel
    Leo Bodnar BU0836LC For Pedals
    Thrusmaster Hotas Warthog 
    Oculus Rift with Touch and Xbox controller

    Microsoft X4 Keyboard and X3 Mouse


    i need help, i cant play this game !

    thanks for reading