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  1. Ferrari is the fastest and has good balance
  2. I purchased most paid cars but only Redbull car has large turning radius like understeering I heard Redbull has the shortest wheel base but why the car in the F1 mobile game is not same as real It is really hard to drive
  3. Alex

    Steering lock at Sochi track..

    Same problem at France circuit sector2 This issue occur when DRS driving
  4. My device Xiaomi Pocophone (snapdragon 845. 6G ram. Android 9) When I racing suddenly all things are going slow about 80-90% speed of normal . Sometime 50% speed than normal Video is slow. All cars are slow. Time is going slow. Sound also slow. All things on sceen is going slowI. Itis just like slow video. Idon'tknòw the reason And device Heat temperature is not hot. I didn't experienced this issue at other game which require high spec and generate higher device temperature. When I use Galaxy S7 , it was bad graphic quality but I had not experienced this issue last week I changed my device to Pocophone only for F1 game to enjoying with high performance graphic. but especially 5 laps single mode racing, after 1 or 2 laps suddenly the game is going slow . Especially Austria curcuit is really slow I think this is not frame drop or lag. Last time I uploaded at youtube channel about this issue. https://youtu.be/aCwyWTzkSP8 If you have stop watch check the lap time or DSR beep sound . Definitely game going slow. I can sure because I had raced over one thousand laps with my old galaxy s7. A player who use iPhone xs said he also has same issue at your facebook page. Please check this issue and fix at upcoming update 4 thanks
  5. Alex

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    https://youtu.be/1n_F9q0JAwE I have "slow motion issue" You can see this issue on my You tube video 3:00-3:30 3:45-4:00 When I use Galaxy 7 edge, I did not experience this but 2 days ago I change my device to Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (6G ram and 64G stòrage. Android 8.1 MIUI Every time I am racing suddenly game is change to slow motion even sound and restore when I touch pause but happen this issue repeatedly during race I did re install but there is same issue I did not experience at other high performance required simulation game Device temperature is not high than other games I really can nòt understand why this is happening Help me---!!!!