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  1. If you go to the codemasters blog, at the end Of all the stuff you paste, they add this: “Finally: as we’ve mentioned on our forums, we’re continuing to investigate the concerns some of you have raised with FFB. We’re taking your feedback incredibly seriously, and we are giving this the time and investigation it deserves. We know we need to strike a fine balance between the large number of players who are happy with the FFB, and those of you who want an experience closer to the original DiRT Rally. We’ll continue to keep you informed of our progress – and once we’re happy with the update, we’re hoping to announce plans which will enable some of you to playtest it before we roll it out to everyone.”
  2. still waiting the fix for the FFB.......... The wait is begining to be a bit long... and yes, really strange that this has no mention on any review... gues can paid them all...🤔
  3. Same problem here with G920 on Xbox One X. No force feedback. and not even avaible the settings of the tire slip and engine vibrations. Please an update on this, is really disappointed