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  1. Am I the only one who has got all the ingame settings (graphics, controller mapping) completely reset by the game, following the latest update? Just started the game and everything is wiped. VERY annoying since I do not recall which graphics settings I have chosen to reach playable fps. And I've made a lot of remapping on my wheel as well, which will be a pain in the rear to re-do. Is there any way to restore these settings with a few clicks, or are they gone forever?
  2. deadmeat2k

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Does anyone know how to tune out the massive wheel soft lock or whatever it is, which prevents me from making proper sharp turns? The wheel becomes insanely heavy to turn around 90 degrees in either direction. Using CSW 2.5 and have set ingame FFB 50 and wheel FF to 50. Still way too much resistance.
  3. deadmeat2k

    f1 2019 steering wheel issues PC

    I run as well with CSW 2.5 in F1 2019 and the game sees my steering wheel fine. Maybe an update of the wheel base firmware is needed?