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  1. Just fired the game up on Xbox. Was working fine the other day now I get this message. I have to content installed, and weirdly now the game loads up to that message, without the disc in which it wouldn't do before, what's going on?
  2. Well done to Jon Armstrong!! 2nd place.
  3. I quite enjoyed FM7 when it came out and played it a lot but after playing DR 2.0 I find the handling of Forza is poor. Maybe because DR 2.0 is so good.
  4. Do you think it's correct in what's happening around the world that WRC is still going ahead?
  5. http://test.rallycrossrx.com/article/10551/chris-hoy-s-world-rx-story
  6. Don't talk to Toyota about restrictors, bit of a touchy subject there #1995cheat 🤔
  7. Totally agree, just watched it and it was very well done. A bit teary at the end but was always going to be.
  8. Born in 69 so I saw Group B come through. I remember going to Chatsworth loads of years. There was a long straight with a hairpin and we thought there was no way Salonen would be able to stop his 205 in 84 with the speed he had but he did it. And the sight of Mikkola's head jolting back under acceleration in the S1 Audi was amazing. Loved the days before as well with the Chevettes, Mantas, Talbots etc. And the sound of the Stratos echoing through Clipstone forest. Wonderful. The current WRC cars are no less exciting though, the footage from last year's Finnish rally is jaw dropping. Each era h
  9. That'll be why then. Not much effort gone into them and looking at some videos of the "legendary" cars the handling looks terrible as well. Shame
  10. Escort RS1800 doesn't look right to me.
  11. https://tenor.com/view/***-laugh-spit-gif-11806135
  12. Still curious as to what you posted originally 😁
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