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  1. Just fired the game up on Xbox. Was working fine the other day now I get this message. I have to content installed, and weirdly now the game loads up to that message, without the disc in which it wouldn't do before, what's going on?
  2. The TV screen on the left hand side of the track after T2 is still there. In real life it would obscure the view of the track for spectators. It should be on the right hand side, on the inside of the track I passed this on in the first beta test and was told it was with developers Why hasn't it been sorted?
  3. cafe5150

    Racenet Clubs

    Why is it so hit and miss trying to create a club and championship? I put a club name in 8 characters long It tells me invalid length, annoying
  4. cafe5150

    First time wheel user

    Yeah consistency is a must.
  5. cafe5150

    First time wheel user

    Cheers PJ, I guess it boils down to seat time. I'm only day 2 proper with the wheel and have been concentrating on Project Cars and F1 2019. But after 2 days I've been able to beat my gamepad benchmark times I set beforehand after getting to grips with the FFB and the more involving experience. What I might do is some Dirtfish to get used to the car but ultimately is not to go full bore in a stage. Slowly slowly.
  6. cafe5150

    First time wheel user

    Erm, it's difficult but well worth it. Gonna take awhile to get used to. Everything comes at you so fast!!!
  7. cafe5150

    World RX Esports Series

    Well done to Jon Armstrong!! 2nd place.
  8. cafe5150

    Stay Home Save Lives

    Nice touch Codies for the banners etc with the Covid message. Well done.
  9. cafe5150

    World RX Esports Series

    Pls no Punterino Jimmer.
  10. cafe5150

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I quite enjoyed FM7 when it came out and played it a lot but after playing DR 2.0 I find the handling of Forza is poor. Maybe because DR 2.0 is so good.
  11. cafe5150

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    They just ran Rally Mexico last weekend.
  12. cafe5150

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Do you think it's correct in what's happening around the world that WRC is still going ahead?
  13. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip

  14. cafe5150

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Don't talk to Toyota about restrictors, bit of a touchy subject there #1995cheat 🤔
  15. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip

    Totally agree, just watched it and it was very well done. A bit teary at the end but was always going to be.