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  1. cafe5150

    Why "New England" and not "Washington"?

    I agree it's kind of dumb. If you look at various F1 and racing titles, they all use the same tracks at some point or another, eg Le Mans (Project Cars, Forza, Grid original) and Silverstone can be found on F1 games and others. There's a licence to pay obviously but no game has the monopoly on the tracks, just differences in renderings. Dirt should be able to use the real names for tracks.
  2. cafe5150

    Patch 1.12

    Cheers for that PJ 🤟
  3. cafe5150

    Patch 1.12

    I see. Cheers.
  4. cafe5150

    Patch 1.12

    Thought it was dropping today? Message on racenet said disruption between 10am and 11. Still on 1.11.
  5. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip

    What happened to the replica he was building?
  6. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's now £12 at Argos btw.
  7. cafe5150

    Patches hopefully?

    Obviously Grid isn't perfect but as long as CM support it like they have with Dirt 2.0 then hopefully things will improve. They've patched Dirt 2.0 numerous times since launch and it is loads better now. Come on CM give Grid the same love please.
  8. Even with damage set on full and terminal damage enabled I think the damage is not strong enough.
  9. cafe5150


    Love the game but what's with the kerbs, they're like icy hooks. Best avoided.
  10. cafe5150


    When I press to turn them on, they flicker on then off again. Why is this? Same happens the other way round at night!
  11. cafe5150

    New tracks

  12. cafe5150

    New tracks

    Will there be any? Spa, Donington, Le Man's etc
  13. Just got this and playing through it. I must say it's great, I had it on Xbox 360 and played it loads and this updated one is brill. Graphics and car feel I think are awesome once I adjusted controller settings. Remembering the city tracks from years ago 😃 But......where's Spa and Le Man's? Are they dic? And I get that there's different people that worked on the game than those who did Dirt 2.0 and F1 2019 but although there's nothing wrong with Dirt 2.0 graphics ( I've played that loads as well) how come they're the less sharp of the 3? Overall I'm impressed with Grid.
  14. cafe5150

    Please Improve The AI

    Just got the game. In NASCAR some of the AI will crash for no reason. I've seen cars lose wheels, again for no apparent reason. Anyone else seen this?
  15. cafe5150

    DiRTy Gossip

    Just says Triple Display Screen 65 Inch LED HD TV - Curved https://www.vesaro.com/www.vesaro.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=520