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  1. I'd love to see Vauxhall Chevette HSR ( never seen it in any game ) TR7 V8 Audi Quattro ( long wheelbase ) Mitsubishi Colt Peugeot 307 Mk1 Escort Toyota Celica Toyota Corolla Mazda 323 To name a few
  2. Pretty, but very arcade, obviously going up against PCars3 rather than AC or ACC Kinda reminds me of Project Gotham 4
  3. Just seen a trailer showing single seaters going over jumps normally reserved for Trophy Trucks. So a simcade title at best?
  4. I just got a Series S but alread had the day one edition of Dirt 2.0, disc version, on the Xbox one. I got a code for the GOTY version so I can play on the S, but when I put it in, yes it unlocked the game, but I don't have the extra tracks and cars I was previously missing, like Abu Dhabi RX, Scotland RX, Mini RX, Seat RX Any idea why this is? Sorry if it's posted elsewhere
  5. I have a disc version of Dirt Rally 2.0. I have the Colin McRae DLC as well as most tracks and some cars. I'm thinking of moving from Xbox One to series S, so I'll need to get the digital copy of the game. Will my dlc carry over if I get the base game once games are transferred, or will I need to get the full version?
  6. Just fired the game up on Xbox. Was working fine the other day now I get this message. I have to content installed, and weirdly now the game loads up to that message, without the disc in which it wouldn't do before, what's going on?
  7. Well done to Jon Armstrong!! 2nd place.
  8. I quite enjoyed FM7 when it came out and played it a lot but after playing DR 2.0 I find the handling of Forza is poor. Maybe because DR 2.0 is so good.
  9. Do you think it's correct in what's happening around the world that WRC is still going ahead?
  10. http://test.rallycrossrx.com/article/10551/chris-hoy-s-world-rx-story
  11. Don't talk to Toyota about restrictors, bit of a touchy subject there #1995cheat 🤔
  12. Totally agree, just watched it and it was very well done. A bit teary at the end but was always going to be.
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