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  1. After being yesterday all day with the Clubs blocked, today they have half fixed it but the time has run the same even if they denied us the possibility of performing our tests. With the Official Club of Codemasters it was not going to be less, so you have robbed me of part of a test as well as many others.
    Decision: you can put the evidence of your Club where you fit at least on my part, since it is what you are looking for

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  2. 3 hours ago, Jake Cushing said:

    It's been how many months since release now, and tons of DLC content.

    And the audio mix is still an embarrassment. Phil's voice will boom loudly before a race starts, then go 30db quieter in the car. Different cars have an absurd difference in their engine volume. It is frustrating in the utmost to jump into a daily or whatever challenge, only to have to pause the game to re-adjust the voice and engine volumes. And then half the time to find the voice level adjustment doesn't even make any difference.

    Seriously, your game would have a much less shabby presentation if this basic kind of thing was done already. It can't be a difficult task!


    I have noticed the downturn in the sound since I tried the game for the first time and today it remains the same, in this aspect Dirt Rally takes several turns to it.
    The sound is loud with the vehicle stopped at the exit and until you apply the handbrake, at which point it gives an important downturn. I have not measured it, but it is very evident.
    I use body shaker and that's where it shows most. If there is a spin on that and this part of the power of sound is improved.

  3. With the user with the Deluxe content gives me the error that they have already warned and as I do not want to lose my progress, I intend to wait until they solve it, so I can not play with that user at this time, but I can enter the Web and access the Clubs.
    I have another user without the Deluxe content with which I can play because with that the error mentioned above has not come out, but I can not access the Web because the error comes out saying that I have broken the page. They still wonder why people do not want to buy their game?


    Con el usuario con el contenido Deluxe me da el error del que ya han avisado y como no quiero perder mi progreso, pretendo esperar hasta que lo solucionen, por lo que no puedo jugar con dicho usuario en éste momento, pero sí puedo entrar en la Web y acceder a los Clubs.
    Tengo otro usuario sin el contenido Deluxe con el que puedo jugar porque con ese no ha salido el error anteriormente citado, pero no puedo acceder a la Web porque sale el error diciendo que yo he roto la página. Todavía se preguntan porque la gente no quiere comprar su juego?