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  1. Just to add some options to this discussion here is a (fairly basic) description of the Mercedes wheel lifted from Formula1.com website earlier today when discussing 'brake magic' button (on the reverse side of wheel somewhere near the paddles) - note Strat Mode Rotary (13) and HPP Rotary (15) both adjustable during the race.
  2. Thanks Falstojudilofa - I guess that's what I have been trying to say - frequently changing fuel mix is not realistic - however the option to change pre-mapped STRAT Modes during a race is.
  3. Sounds like if we had different engine modes (ie a choice of pre-mapped STRAT modes) we could manage situations like this better for example would the old (2019) LOW engine mode become an option? - my limited understanding of different pre-mapped STRAT modes allows for different ERS, SOC, Derating and Timing throughout a single lap - in other words it is pre mapped to change "during" different sections of a lap and the driver is instructed to rotate the STRAT dial during a race to delivery different STRAT (ie engine) modes, as needed, at different phases of a race. I don't think they change t
  4. Hi KNT2011 - I think we may be kinda saying the same thing - yes the drivers only respond to an instruction to turn a rotary dial (as suggested by BarryBL and Lando Norris) - but like most things in F1 they probably only change engine mode if in the course of a race it brings a performance ie strategic advantage (I believe). I do think however constantly changing the fuel mix during the race is not realistic but again Esport drivers will do anything to gain a performance/strategic advantage - Yes? Thanks for your comment - Hamish
  5. Hi I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently - according to BarryBL in May last year "we have taken feedback and information directly from F1 drivers and teams on how the system is used and deployed in real-life. We have been told from the teams/drivers that the current 2019 ERS management system was far too complicated and something that the F1 drivers do not engage in to this level. Therefore, we have made changes to create a system closer to real-life deployment strategies" in other words no more Strat options like None/Low/Medium/High engine settings during the race. So th
  6. Thanks for the help Marcel - I have kinda covered that by getting CSL Elite + wheelbase that switches modes between Xbox and PS5 regardless of the wheel chip (I think) - but if truth be known had I gone for a gaming PC in advance I would have been happier with the cheaper and probably better Clubsport Wheelbase V2. RE PC is cheaper - how is that possible - help please
  7. Hi Monzie et al - I've been struggling with this button mapping dilemma for the last couple of years and decided to hold out for new Xbox X in the hope things would improve. On a personal basis I'm left-handed and had to 'retrain my brain' to work XYB and the A button all on my right hand whilst upshifting in the Fanatec Formula V2 wheel - all possible but a bloody nuisance! Not to mention lack of voice commands, (whilst operating brake bias and off diff via the MFD again all on my right hand). So came to the option of maybe just get the new PS5 - this would give me the opportunity to sort all
  8. Also I believe (can anyone please confirm?) XBOX X (New Generation) OS still does not support the ability to map more than four buttons - in other words if you have a wheel you are still stuck with the replication of buttons X Y B & A across the wheel All in all thinking about getting a PS5 (if I can get my hands on one) for voice commands and more button mapping - YES?
  9. Hi does anyone know if F1 2020 supports the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Bite Point in Playstation 4? Thanks in advance
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