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  1. Will Do Monzie
  2. Thanks for the help Marcel - I have kinda covered that by getting CSL Elite + wheelbase that switches modes between Xbox and PS5 regardless of the wheel chip (I think) - but if truth be known had I gone for a gaming PC in advance I would have been happier with the cheaper and probably better Clubsport Wheelbase V2. RE PC is cheaper - how is that possible - help please
  3. Hi Monzie et al - I've been struggling with this button mapping dilemma for the last couple of years and decided to hold out for new Xbox X in the hope things would improve. On a personal basis I'm left-handed and had to 'retrain my brain' to work XYB and the A button all on my right hand whilst upshifting in the Fanatec Formula V2 wheel - all possible but a bloody nuisance! Not to mention lack of voice commands, (whilst operating brake bias and off diff via the MFD again all on my right hand). So came to the option of maybe just get the new PS5 - this would give me the opportunity to sort all this out - yes? (if I'm wrong can someone please correct me). However I prefer the XBox X - more powerful and all my current friends race on Xbox - plus I will have to repurchase all my racing sim games (all at added cost) plus who the hell can find a PS5 (at the moment). Finally what about VR - yes on PS5 and defiantly not on XBox. I also play Assetto Corsa and VR is the future (make note codemasters !!!) so I've started to price up a medium sized gaming PC - the list of advantages over console racing is endless but at around £1200 to £1300 for a kinda similar graphic and speed spec to new Xbox X and PS5 (that's also future proof) drives me back round to Xbox or PS5 for around £500 - it's driving me F'ing mad! In the meantime Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals are without doubt the most important upgrade I've done so far - made a big difference to my driving (that I'm still working on) and immersion - well that's my rant over and I've added my bit to this ongoing discussion as I continue to debate the pros and cons of Xbox X vs PS5 vs PC for sim racing. PS thinking about selling Fanatec Formula V2 wheel to buy the new McLaren GT3 V2 wheel as it has magnetic shifters and dual clutch at no added cost - plus it's a bit bigger and heavier - that I'd prefer plus it has enough buttons now that F1 2020/21 has increasingly less options for engine modes. Thanks for listening
  4. Also I believe (can anyone please confirm?) XBOX X (New Generation) OS still does not support the ability to map more than four buttons - in other words if you have a wheel you are still stuck with the replication of buttons X Y B & A across the wheel All in all thinking about getting a PS5 (if I can get my hands on one) for voice commands and more button mapping - YES?
  5. HamishOK

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Quick question for @BarryBL Does the new Xbox Series X (Next Gen Xbox) still have the same old Microsoft SDK limitation of only 4 mappable buttons? Thanks
  6. Opps - I have posted this on the wrong form - should have beeb F1 2020
  7. HamishOK

    Analogue Clutch Bite Point in PS4

    Hi does anyone know if F1 2020 supports the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Bite Point in Playstation 4? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi does anyone know if F1 2020 supports the Podium Advanced Paddle Module in Playstation 4? Thanks in advance
  9. HamishOK

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Great setup Lurtz - hope it's all working by now?
  10. HamishOK

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Well .... No wonder his qualy laps are so good!
  11. HamishOK

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    My wife won't let me buy it - but it's a nice fantasy - Cheers
  12. HamishOK

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    @Lurtz The Playseat F1 you are thinking about has some flex in the central column with some of the more powerful belt driven wheel bases - a small amount but none the less some flex. The better option (IMHO) is the Playseat F1 Ultimate - no central upright that you need to wrap your legs around - and no flex especially if you want to up upgrade in the future to a 'Direct Drive' wheel base - in other words it's future proof if you can afford it. Also it may impress your wife even more if you put if in your trendy lounge like Valtteri below- no more locked away in the spare room for hours on end - it's a great talking feature for your lounge (only joking!)
  13. HamishOK

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    OK - So I have just been watching a very interesting YouTube (link below if CM allow it) by Hywel Thomas Mercedes Power Unit Director who explains about the limited number of "Strat Positions" available to drivers during a race (there may be more but he's not saying on YouTube) - In short their appears to be only a "race neutral setting", a "safety car setting" and a "STRAT 2" position - or "qualy mode". All the rest of the MGUK settings are mostly pre-mapped before the race. This mapping depends on the track, length of straights and number of straights etc all designed to conserve energy for when it's needed, a bit like the earlier post by "The Empire Was Right". He also talks about how this mapping involves "Derating" - saving power at certain points in the track. All in all very interesting and too much for me to summarise here. What I'm getting at is maybe CM have got it right - drivers constantly changing the ERS during a lap to exploit a faster time is not accurate. Yes drivers can change a small number of Strat Positions during a race but not like it is currently in 2019 CM Game. Also they can make small adjustments to the Strat mapping using the HPP setting if or when the pre mapped settings are wrong - but that is another chapter in a very long post. So what I'm trying to say is - let's wait and see how it goes - no more exploiting the ERS and place my Fantatec wheel on ebay! Here is the link to Mercedes-AMG You Tube Channel - The bit about "Strat Positions" and "DeRating" starts at 8min 43secs and ends around 14min 20secs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwwUOYTbyfs&feature=emb_rel_end%5C
  14. HamishOK

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Did CM team also take into consideration feedback from Max Verstappen who told Lando Norris to "Bin it (F1 2019)and play iracing" or Charles Leclerc who said when playing F1 2019 on Twitch - I prefer Assetto Corsa - It seems to me as pointed out above both AC and iRacing have more user input/control, for example ERS. Also rumour has it F1 2020 had dumbed down traction control so as controller players can mange cornering - same may be said for turn in - it may have been dumbed down for controller players also (CF recent video by TRL Limitless). All in all I can see a pattern developing - dumbed down controller players ie an arcade game or more immersion ie simulation players. Currently the jury is out but recent developments from Lee Mather's team over the last couple of iterations do not look optimistic for the sim gamers and good news for the arcade players.