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  1. driver1775

    Estering costing money

    Same here in Calif., USA, Xbox.
  2. driver1775

    Missing Impreza?

    On XBOX here, should have mentioned
  3. driver1775

    Missing Impreza?

    Downloaded the two cars from the season pack today, but the Impreza isn't in my garage. I see it for purchase, however. The Focus arrived fine. Anyone else have the error? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Subaru to no avail.
  4. Enjoying the game here, but with the limitation that I will never be one of those players with the space/funds/gumption to buy a wheel for the Xbox One. I am curious, though, if it would be possible to parse out leaderboards based on controller versus wheel users. Acceleration is a completely different thing when you're mapped to an analog trigger, and it would be neat to see how I'm doing compared to others. Thanks for considering, and best regards.