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  1. I was doing Career rally 1, and I missed a corner due to no headlights in the dark. Didn't get any warning about going wrong way then suddenly co-driver stops giving pace notes. I turn around, and then get a 15 second wrong way warning or DQ. Well because I had driven for about 10-15 the wrong way, I didnt make it and got DQ'd. I restarted but still no co driver. So I tried to quit out of the rally, but it erased the whole rally results and I had to start over, except I still had all the car damage. So I completed the rally again, this time I won it, but I never got any credits for winning the rally.
  2. SS454

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    Doesn't make sense to me how to protects against cheaters. I can restart the career but the garage has new cars with upgrades, and credits to do any repair needed. It's like starting Far Cry again from the beginning but you're forced to start with all the guns.
  3. I want to start over from scratch, but no matter what I do it loads my credits, garage, and stats. I've went to profile and reset all I've deleted 690790 folder from steam>userdata I've ensured cloud sync is turned off It seems like this info is stored on racenet, but I can't figure out how to delete that info. Is there any way to completely start over?