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  1. I finally got some progress with getting this hot garbage to work with my steering wheel. T300RS Adding ffb='enabled' to the relevant line in the device file got it working. Feedback is strong now but still doesn't feel quite right. I hope that can be tuned in the settings. Again, Codemasters, this is in no way acceptable. Most people playing the game won't even have a proper XML editor installed. Ya'll should send money to the person that posted the XML fix info since it's clear you're doing nothing in the way of support. This is coming from someone that works as a software consultant. Your support is weak/non-existent.
  2. I updated TM drivers, nvidia drivers, made change to file and still no FFB. When will this be fixed? I have t300rs
  3. WTH Codemasters??!!! Why have you not fixed this issue yet or provided an official workaround/statement? I've tried the workaround posted and it did not fix my issue. This unacceptable, the game is worthless without fbb. I didn't have to go searching for a fix with DR1. I want my money back from this unsupported garbage.