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  1. wow thanks!!! That's what I wanted to know!! Muchas gracias!!!!!
  2. this still starts the game through steam. I am looking for a way to start the exe by myself, in Oculus mode. How does steam start the exe when you select "Oculus SDK" at launch?
  3. I always start my games through a GameLauncher, which starts the exe directly (not using steam). So when I have my Oculus Rift connected, the game starts SteamVR. How can I force it to use the Oculus SDK instead? What command option do I need to add? (tried -useoculussdk but did not work) In other words, when you start the game from Steam and select to start in Oculus SDK mode, what launch option is the exe started with? Could someone verify with ProcessExplorer?
  4. bbbwww

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    But you are aware that this means we will only be able to play Career mode only as long as Codemasters keep this server running?
  5. bbbwww

    WRC 9

    I am having the exact same issue! T300RS and Fanatec Elite pedals. When trying to assign the brake axis in the T300 profile, the assignment operation cancels out! Accelerate and CLutch pedals can be assigned just fine! When assigning the pedals in the Fanatec profile, the game is unplayable, as no two profiles can be active at the same time, it dynamically switches to the last device used... I started a topic in the Steam Forums, maybe you can participate to raise awareness for the issue: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1004750/discussions/0/1633040337751527868/ Anyone else problems with multiple USB inputs? Anyone know a workaround? I also tried to find input config files, but could only find files for FFB, not for the input mapping...
  6. There's actually an easy way to start in non VR mode: just "hide" the SteamVR installation folder by renaming it. More info (&script) here:
  7. Sorry PJ this is bull. You misunderstood my question #1. #1 was if the devs implemented both. They did. They did use both libraries in development, contrary to DR1. So the actual answer to #1 is yes. They just didn't compile both in any store version. #2 is no. No version contains both libraries. Oculus Store version only contains OculusVR (obviously), and Steam Store Version only contains OpenVR library (sadly) - contrary to DR1. #3 is obsolete, since #2 is no. Was removing OculusVR support in the Steam Version part of the deal with Oculus?
  8. Hahahahahaha. Wow. So Oculus owners are ****ed. So glad I didn't buy it. And I won't. Anyway @PJTierney thanks for answering. You're doing a great job btw!! Much better than Christina. And all decision makers at CM, obviously!!
  9. Did I understand correctly that only the base content is available in VR? No Monte or Wales?
  10. @PJTierney Could you please clarify the following questions with the devs as this seems to be important for a lot of people: 1. Was VR implemented with both native OculusVR and SteamVR/OpenVR or only one? (though Oculus Store availability suggests both) 2. If yes, are both store versions shipped with both each? Or does the Oculus Store version only ship with native OculusVR support (and the same for the steam version)? 3. If yes, can the user decide which mode to use by using a command line param for example? 4. Can Oculus Store players compete online with Steam Version Players?
  11. bbbwww

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    about modding cameras.xml files... has anyone found a method/tool to extract files from the NEFS of the DLC cars? NefsEdit 0.3.0 doesn't seem to work on them.
  12. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    no, it works! the latest release doesn't touch the NEFS files anymore. https://github.com/zissakos/EECMT/releases
  13. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    even Dirt Rally gets its fair share here...
  14. bbbwww

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Yes, @ChristinaMc is there any news on this? After the huge backlash from this community and Steam reviews, is there anyone from the team looking into possibilities to address this. See also my other thread with a suggestion on this that was moved to the Suggestion Box.
  15. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Thanks for the info @ChristinaMc I think it would be a good idea if someone from handling team could write a VERY SMALL roadbook about the FFB situation. Not to justify anything, but rather with an informational/educational character. Like " we changed this and that in DR2.0 and therefore the FFB changed in this and that way". You know like in the good old DR1 days. I know the team must be fulltime 150% dedicated to fixing this etc. etc. but some information to the customers is also very very important, and I don't think it would need more than like 1-2h for someone to write something... Especially if the first patch won't adress the FFB at all. I am sure you know how the reactions will be... So an article which you (and us) could point people to would be VERY HELPFUL. What do you think?