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  1. @Mike Dee: B u l l s h i t. Their communication is bad. They don't even answer to easy questions about how they mean certain things. Were you around at DR1 days? THAT was good communication. ShodanCat is ABSOLUTELY right. Sad thing is, they not only don't know how to communicatie, they also seem to have forgotten how to code. It is so obvious the team is struggling with the easiest things. Not looking good.
  2. about modding cameras.xml files... has anyone found a method/tool to extract files from the NEFS of the DLC cars? NefsEdit 0.3.0 doesn't seem to work on them.
  3. thanks for the clarification! But the user can just enter the options menu and change it from "manual sequential" to "manual h pattern" and vice versa, right? For any car right? As long as the input mappings are there. So why can't the game itself just choose the right option based on the car?
  4. Then how about a sticky thread with a list of bugs that have been acknowledged/reproduced? People have asked for this FOR AGES. Just because you don't communicate timings, doesn't mean you should communicate NOTHING.
  5. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    no, it works! the latest release doesn't touch the NEFS files anymore. https://github.com/zissakos/EECMT/releases
  6. Thanks @ChristinaMc for this info. But why is it that you only gave this info as a reply to some people asking stuff? And only after the heat rose up again in the forums? Why can't you just give this info UNSOLICITED, as part of your job as a community manager? And why only buried deep down page 15 of some other thread? (actually what does info about 1.3 have to do in a thread about 1.2?) Is this how you understand/interpret your job as a community manager or is this what you have been told to? Is it sooo difficult/asked toooo much to just have a sticky thread about the next patch which you update EVERY TWO DAYS? Is that really too much?
  7. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    even Dirt Rally gets its fair share here...
  8. bbbwww

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    even Dirt Rally gets its fair share here...
  9. bbbwww

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    even Dirt Rally gets its fair share here...
  10. bbbwww

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    try this. just extract it into the game's cars folder. It's just a subfolder per car with a cameras.xml file in it. If you don't like it, just delete these subfolders. It restores the dash cam you're used to from DR1 (and raises bumper cam a bit). cars.zip
  11. that's a bummer. Why not increase championship length to 7 now that there are 7 locations? @ChristinaMc
  12. bbbwww

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Yes, @ChristinaMc is there any news on this? After the huge backlash from this community and Steam reviews, is there anyone from the team looking into possibilities to address this. See also my other thread with a suggestion on this that was moved to the Suggestion Box.
  13. @bn880 BLA BLA BLA. W T F do you care?? Let people get these simple features if it makes the game better for them! If there's already a slider, it obviously doesn't work effectively enough, so it could be just adjusted a little more by COdies. And in DR1 in the VR settings you could just eliminate head shake completely to eliminate motion sickness. Which was great!! Let people be bn880, would you????
  14. bbbwww

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Thanks for the info @ChristinaMc I think it would be a good idea if someone from handling team could write a VERY SMALL roadbook about the FFB situation. Not to justify anything, but rather with an informational/educational character. Like " we changed this and that in DR2.0 and therefore the FFB changed in this and that way". You know like in the good old DR1 days. I know the team must be fulltime 150% dedicated to fixing this etc. etc. but some information to the customers is also very very important, and I don't think it would need more than like 1-2h for someone to write something... Especially if the first patch won't adress the FFB at all. I am sure you know how the reactions will be... So an article which you (and us) could point people to would be VERY HELPFUL. What do you think?
  15. @CatBadders I don't think people will complain if the aquired progress wouldn't transfer between the two. Offline Career would be something completely separate from MyTeam/career, e.g. by putting it in freeplay (as you said). When you first enter Offline Career a message could pop up to clarify that all you do will be offline only and nothing can be used for online modes etc.