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  1. Come to think of it, they missed a trick. You know that old pop song: #I'm Hornby, Hornby, Hornby, Hornby. So Hornby, i'm Hornby, Hornby, Hornby. Would have made for great advertising.
  2. I second that motion. It has been ages since I had a sexy train set and I am feeling a little... Hornby... myself. *Ahem.
  3. I think I see his username on the Dirt Rally Leader boards quite alot.
  4. @couger1981 Crikey... either that is a lot of people very bored at work for a very long time or people that are passionate about Codemasters (I think I belong in both camps). Gotta admit, as a relative newbie, that the community here is pretty relaxed and fairly kind. Get the odd bit of abuse, that just the internet for ya. I wish I had joined a long time ago, like you. But I didn't really get back into gaming until about 4 years ago (Laid up after a motorbike accident. Dirt Rally 1 saved my sanity).
  5. Catch-22 I tried reading the book more times than I could count. But I just couldn't get into it and finish the darn thing. However, the series... fantastic. I thought, the most unlikeliest book to every be turned into a show/film, but it turns out that it is one of the best. I dare say, so far, I would rank it up there with Generation X... Still has a long way to go to match Band of Brothers, though.
  6. Wow, this thread has been going on a long time! It's like the history of the community here. And I thought forums were just for entertainment while at work and nothing serious.
  7. @Riggs If they introduce that 2002 focus livery then I will probably cry tears of joy and drive nothing else for the rest of my time on DR2.0 This car was the car of my childhood. Colin vs Carlos, the best days of WRC. I spent so much time on Colin McRae Rally 2.0 just because of this car. I had remote controlled models, model kits, posters, magazines... I may have been a little obsessed, upon reflection. (Funny that I was actually a Burns and Gronholm fan, though). Please please please CM, make this happen.
  8. I find 3 right usually means that I am about to hit something rather hard.
  9. I see... Sounds like a delightful game.... Well, now I know. Thank you.
  10. I see this 'Notice me Senpai' saying all the time... where is it from?
  11. I landed a 900 on Wednesday night. Tony Hawk eat your heart out.
  12. It's certainly an eye opener when you get to masters, I actually fell out of my chair after my first stage; finishing a horrendous 25th. Keep at it though, mate. With practise comes speed- I never thought I would beat Master, as I struggled with it on DR1, but miracles do happen as evident by my success. I keep banging on about it but setups are the key. The top players beat the AI on base setups- I have no idea how!- but speed comes with a good setup. Personally, I concentrate on a setup that makes the car easy to drive, prioritising that over speed.
  13. Not that I am aware of. I abandoned a championship after only progressing through a couple of stages- I hated the car I had chosen. I did not get relegated. Advice for the elite is to concentrate on setups and do some time trails to learn the setup and car better. It will improve your times no end.
  14. I don't think there is a relegation system in DR2 to allow this.
  15. No worries. I hope it helps. You should check out GTR technical on youtube, He has some brilliant setups.
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