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  1. Sammoo

    F1 glory days career

    Anybody else love racing the older cars? I keep going back to Hunts car and acting out the various scenes from Rush. I can't get enough of them. It makes me want to play a career with the cars from the 70's on all the old tracks, with all the old names. I love CM new career features with the addition of Weber and Butler, and I would really like a game like this, but based in the 70's with the authentic feel of the era. CM, would something like this be possible? Would any one else like a game such as this?
  2. Sammoo

    The Stuff Thread

    Come to think of it, they missed a trick. You know that old pop song: #I'm Hornby, Hornby, Hornby, Hornby. So Hornby, i'm Hornby, Hornby, Hornby. Would have made for great advertising.
  3. Sammoo

    The Stuff Thread

    I second that motion. It has been ages since I had a sexy train set and I am feeling a little... Hornby... myself. *Ahem.
  4. @ianism In fairness (And just playing Devils advocate here), the studded tyres do bite down into the gravel and mud below the snow, so you would expect there to be some sort of mud coloured slush on the car. But even in that case, what you have shown does appear to be a tad excessive.
  5. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    Good man. I'm gonna keep an eye on you! You are getting fast, fast. My profile name is sammoo1989. And you are catching me.
  6. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    Well done buddy! Let us know your time. I got the bug now. Ps4 here I come!
  7. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    Ah I never chase wr. I binge the game for about a week then don't play it for ages as this helps me to forget the stages. Makes it more interesting that way- probably why I prefer a comfy setup. But I do agree that you do want an input on the car, either brakes or throttle, over the fast bits. And now that I am really thinking about it, a quick blast on the brakes between corners really helps to settle the car.
  8. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    @Mike Dee I think I would disagree with you there- I come completely off the throttle fairly often, usually though I would be dragging a brake. But you are right about the set ups. You do not need them- I just prefer to drive with a slightly modified setup for the comfort factor.
  9. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    @redriot77 For rear wheel drives, yes. The application of throttle will certainly help turn the car, and this is the same for AWD if the car is set up to behave like this through the diffs. So @notlbishop you should take this into account if you prefer a car that oversteers on throttle. Also, 'left foot braking' or dragging the brake/ is another good tip for balancing the car, again depending on your set up. It's all down to preference. I bet if others tried my setups they would find them undriveable because of conflicting styles, just the same as I have tried others users setups and hated them. Funnily enough, the best game I found for teaching me handling and corner dynamic as a NASCAR game... yeah, who would have thought it, eh?
  10. Sammoo

    "Only this...

    oooh, you big tease.
  11. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    @notlbishop No worries, mate. We are all here to help each other, and DR 2.0 is a difficult game to pick up. It takes time and the occasional bit of advice- I myself have sought help in the past and this community has helped me a great deal. When it comes to finding a set up, I would advise running the longer stages to get a better feel for the car. Start with the bog standard set up and work from there. I won't profess to be an expert on setups, but I do know a thing or two. So, if you find yourself struggling to make sense of it, just drop me a line and I will be more than willing to help. But remember: the three aspects of handling work with the three parts of a corner. Find what suits you and as a general rule you want to keep the car as straight as possible, as long as possible: powerslides look good, but are not always the fastest way around a turn. Best of luck.
  12. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    @notlbishop The first thing to note is that no two corners are the same- one '6' is not the same as the next '6'. This took me some time to figure out. I had got into the bad habit of trying to take each degree of corner in the same way, at the same speed, and this simply does not work. Each corner has it's own subtleties that drastically affects the line and speed you should take. So, with this in mind, best practise is to take each stage at 95% of what you would consider as your max speed. Secondly, car set up is very important when combined with driving style. Let me explain: There are three parts to a corner; entry, mid (Apex), exit, and I am sure you have probably heard the phrase 'slow in, fast out'. This applies with Rallying, more so than in other disciplines. I will explain my driving style below and how this affects my setup, but generally you are looking for a car that is able to be balanced by application of the brakes and/or throttle. You should consider that a car has three aspects of handling when the application of power/brakes is concerned: Power on, brakes on and coasting. Each aspect can be set to produce either understeer or oversteer using the diff settings. Personally, I prefer a car that understeers on brakes and throttle, but is loose while coasting. Some people prefer oversteer all through- this is what you will need to find out; your preference. So, this is how I drive: Approaching corner entry, knowing the degree thanks to the pace notes, I am off the throttle coasting while judging the balance of the car and getting a better picture of the corner ahead. I judge a brake point by either seeing the apex ahead or by judging its location, and then apply roughly 80% brake force, slowly releasing pressure as the corner entry or 'turn in' approaches. Just before turn in, I come off completely to use lift off oversteer to turn the car tighter. As I turn in I am back on the throttle to power through the apex, using power to balance between lift off oversteer and power understeer. Once passed the apex, I gradually increase the throttle, constantly judging balance and the corner exit. So the above is a generalised view of how I drive. It applies to both slower and faster corners. However, getting to the faster corners and chaining one to the other increases the importance placed on the pacenotes. Say you have a 6 right into a 5 left: you will need to take the 6 right that little bit slower in order to keep a tighter exit line and keep to the right of the track so that you are prepared for the 5 left. I go about this by dragging the brake (Very gently) through the 6 right, using brake understeer to balance the rear, lift and coast on exit to produce oversteer just before I transition into the left and then apply power to once again balance the car towards understeer. If the corners are reversed then the principle is the same, just the speeds are reduced initially. Key to this whole process is running at 95% max speed, understanding your car and the smooth application of brake and throttle. This is so that you have time to correct a mistake should you make one. Set your car up to be predictable and understand the fundamentals of each corner. Also, turn off your hud. Get rid of the sector times and comparisons- this only adds to a sense of urgency and increases frustration which is not conducive to good stage times. The atmosphere in the car should be calm, not frantic. What platform do you play on?
  13. Sammoo

    tips for the faster stages

    @notlbishop It's all about throttle control, pacenotes, rhythm and apexes. Listen to your notes intently and prepare your car in advance of the corner. Use your throttle and brakes to balance the car, being gentle and smooth in the application. This will help to hit the apexes. And keep in mind that: slow is smooth and smooth is fast- you do not need to gun the throttle all the time. Hope this helps.
  14. Sammoo

    Help - Getting good starts

  15. Sammoo

    The Stuff Thread

    I think I see his username on the Dirt Rally Leader boards quite alot.