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  1. TordFaeroy

    Engine Upgrade(s) Performance Figures

    Good question There was a wee discussion about this over in the General forum: How do engine upgrades work? Not that anything was concluded...
  2. TordFaeroy

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Thanks a lot for these tunes 2Technical 👍👍 I'm just a casual Dirt driver, and never bothered to tune any of the cars. Yesterday I got some time to play with some of your Skoda Fabia and Subaru WRX STI tunes, and must say that they really worked well for me. I'm not skilled to manage a top 10, but your tunes really added to the enjoyment of my limited time with the game. With the wife out of the house for the evening I think I'll try some more tonight
  3. TordFaeroy

    How do engine upgrades work?

    To me this is more an issue with not knowing the impact an engine upgrade will have on the performance of the car. Currently the information given to the user is the MAX power for the car...and I assume that will mean the most upgraded engine mapping. Suggestion for improvement: Display the current power rating of the engine, as well as the impact any upgrade/downgrade will have on the power rating.
  4. Just wondered if there is any way to check the status for ongoing events (Daily, weekly and monthly challanges)? The events for DR1 are still available on this url https://www.dirtgame.com/events Anybody know if something like this is available for DR2?
  5. TordFaeroy

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Thanks for a great game. Loved DR 1, and think this new version will provide lots of joy for me in the coming months. Problem The game crashes when wanting to test drive a car. Tried with both cars from shop and from my garage. System Running on PS4 Pro with G29 Steps to reproduce on my system 1. Select car, select test drive 2. Accept default conditions as dry gravel 3. System starts loading stage in New Zealand -> Crash. Let me know if you require any additional information in order to investigate the issue.