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  1. I want the ability to turn the AI on and off in a custom championship, especially when I'm playing with friends. Don't want AI to interfere with the competition between friends, so I have to set AI difficulty to 1 but we sometimes crash really heavily and therefore still end up between the bots. It also makes harder for us to meet in the RX championships, we just want to race each other. It might be nice to fill the void with the AI from time to time but it would be cool if we could without the AI too. If there already is an option to do so, please tell me where because I can't find it anywhere.
  2. R34P3R15

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    I have had the same problem happen ones. Don't remember what I was doing in the game at that moment but I paused it and pressed alt+tab - this brought me to desktop and I changed my playback device to another one and then back to the one I was using. I pressed alt+tab again and the sound was there. I hope this fixes it for you if you encounter the problem again. There was no need for to restart the game. Haven't encountered the problem again yet.