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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to drop a note that I`ve released new version of Dashboard for DR2. Here`s screenshot and video in action. Forgot to add a link for download: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dirt-rally-2-0-dashboard-telemetry-tool.26703/
  2. TheCulac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Telemetry Tool

    Hey folks, It`s been long time since I started working on this app. I`ve made an update to the app. It can now be semi-transparent so it looks much nicer and less obtrusive on screen while playing. Both windows can be moved around as you wish. Also, there is new telemetry window to show how suspension works real time, plus it will notify when you when suspension bottoms out. It comes in handy when fine tuning suspension and trying to utilize full suspension travel. For suspension, for now it only works with R5 cars, which you can select from settings within the program. You can see in the video I`m driving Fiesta R5 and it`s using those settings. Later on I`ll add other categories.
  3. TheCulac

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Wow, just wow.. I didn`t even know about first and last cheat cut. So basically there`s at least 7-8 cheat cuts, some completely off the chart. And seems like they will be allowed. I`m just sad at this point, not even mad.
  4. TheCulac

    Montee Driving tips?

    Watched it, did a test run, and after few attempts at demoed Col de Turini - Sprint de escente, I shaved off roughly 20 second, from 4:07 to 3:47, and still with plenty of errors and bumps, this can go down easily by 5-7 seconds immediately if I manage clean run. (2000cc class - fully stock setup) Considering your 3:37 - I`m satisfied. Played MC only couple of times in Career more, never played it in Free Race of Dailies. Nice tips mate, thank you! You can share video here for anybody else willing to learn. Btw if you`re interested in Dashboard - let me know, I probably can even make it transparent to be displayed on same screen (in borderless windowed mode).
  5. TheCulac

    Montee Driving tips?

    Hey Mike - I`m nowhere near near 100 in Monte, so if you could upload your driving with input, that would be awesome! 🙂 Side note, I created custom dashboard if you have second screen, has the telemetry with full input display. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dirt-rally-2-0-dashboard-telemetry-tool.26703/ P.S. I`m also working on alternative dashboard design, below.
  6. TheCulac

    Montee Driving tips?

    Yeah, it seems like it`s only about learning the course.. Which is not something I`m looking forward to..
  7. TheCulac

    Montee Driving tips?

    How to drive faster in Monte Carlo? I`m always half a minute (at least) slower *per stage* than AI on Masters. Elite was pretty easy tho. In rest of the locations, I`m in first 5 most of the time, winning some of the rallies and stages. At the end of rally it really depends if I had any spin or flat tire for 1-3 place. (I don`t do restarts and play with hardcore damage). But on Monte - I`m regularly in 15+ position. Never even close to top 10. I`ve tried various setups, driving styles, from grip and precise to loose and sliding. I don`t have any spins or major mistakes - seems like I`m just plainly slow, but I`m driving on my limit. I even checked the splits, again +10 per split on majority of splits, so it`s not that I`m driving lousy on tarmac and lose it on snowy section - I lose everywhere mostly equally. I think it`s my driving, but don`t know what to improve. Do you guys have any videos (inside cam, not chase) of fast stages in Monte or any suggestions? (Apart from learning stage and each patch on it by a heart)
  8. TheCulac

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I`m just here to see if there are any updates on FFB. Nope? Ok. Will continue with pneumatic hammer strapped to wheel.
  9. Oh c`mon, I`ll never play the game.. For the second time downloads and gets corrupted and then all over again. But cmon, 50GB for update?!! And FFB is completely ****.
  10. I`ve read that on other forums as well. It might be they are level setting the whole thing for FFB patch. Just a guess. I don`t have wheel with me to test it.
  11. I just think you were braking too hard and did a stoppie.. Easy on those brakes son.. 😄
  12. Now I randomly started getting broken graphics or that overlay, sometimes during setup sometimes on stage. Never seen it before the update.
  13. TheCulac

    Tyre life and Running order

    Sadly, UDP telemetry has no data on tire wear, zero.
  14. TheCulac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Telemetry Tool

    It would be awesome if CM implemented tire wear/pressure, oil temp, engine state and boost pressure into telemetry. I hate that I have no idea about the rate of tire deterioration. Sure, maybe I`m not "that" good to know/feel the traction loss due to track degradation or changing surface (heavy/medium gravel) and tire wear. But being in first 200 in dailies, I`d imagine I`m an average player.
  15. TheCulac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Telemetry Tool

    Hey @Cortextual, @bn880 no problems at all, no need to feel like an a hole, I appreciate pointing out the options. It`s not a competition nor money making, I just want to offer more options if people are interested. If people don`t see it useful, no biggie. 🙂 @Cortextual: A question, since you quoted my DirectX overlay statement with "nope", were you inferring that there are options to overlay full-screen DX game without playing with dll injection? If so, I`m all ears! Please share it and I`ll make my best to implement it. As I mentioned, I was out of coding world for some years.