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  1. TheCulac

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I`m just here to see if there are any updates on FFB. Nope? Ok. Will continue with pneumatic hammer strapped to wheel.
  2. Oh c`mon, I`ll never play the game.. For the second time downloads and gets corrupted and then all over again. But cmon, 50GB for update?!! And FFB is completely ****.
  3. I`ve read that on other forums as well. It might be they are level setting the whole thing for FFB patch. Just a guess. I don`t have wheel with me to test it.
  4. I just think you were braking too hard and did a stoppie.. Easy on those brakes son.. 😄
  5. Now I randomly started getting broken graphics or that overlay, sometimes during setup sometimes on stage. Never seen it before the update.
  6. TheCulac

    Tyre life and Running order

    Sadly, UDP telemetry has no data on tire wear, zero.
  7. TheCulac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Telemetry Tool

    It would be awesome if CM implemented tire wear/pressure, oil temp, engine state and boost pressure into telemetry. I hate that I have no idea about the rate of tire deterioration. Sure, maybe I`m not "that" good to know/feel the traction loss due to track degradation or changing surface (heavy/medium gravel) and tire wear. But being in first 200 in dailies, I`d imagine I`m an average player.
  8. TheCulac

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Telemetry Tool

    Hey @Cortextual, @bn880 no problems at all, no need to feel like an a hole, I appreciate pointing out the options. It`s not a competition nor money making, I just want to offer more options if people are interested. If people don`t see it useful, no biggie. 🙂 @Cortextual: A question, since you quoted my DirectX overlay statement with "nope", were you inferring that there are options to overlay full-screen DX game without playing with dll injection? If so, I`m all ears! Please share it and I`ll make my best to implement it. As I mentioned, I was out of coding world for some years.
  9. Hey gals and guys. I was always interested in setting up the car in games, but what frustrated me the most - was lack of the data to visualize what`s going on with the car, telemetry. Now that we have that in DR 2.0, I was looking forward to downloading apps for it. Yeah, right, no success. I guess the game isn`t that popular. So I started developing my own. Not having touched coding for 6+ years, I became rusty but managed to put together something. It`s still in, Alpha phase but I wanted to share the progress with you and see if there is any interest for public release. For free of course, we already paid enough for the game itself. Long story short, here`s short video of the tool (sorry about crappy quality, I was on my laptop with tons of dev tools open). I`ve seen one other tool, Dirt Telemetry that was for DR1 but also works with DR2. And the problem was overlaying the game. With my app, I`ve managed to emulate the full screen mode and setting the telemetry on top of it, so it looks like the game itself. The window background is black and you can move it around to set the position. When the stage starts, window becomes transparent and only telemetry is visible. Also it`s completely click-through, so game won`t lose focus if you hover or click on it - the game doesn`t see it at all. It`s still emulating full screen mode, removing the borders and maximizing the window (taskbar is on auto hide). Overlaying true full screen mode involves tempering with the game itself and rendering in DirectX - too much hassle for the time I have (plus, it`s considered cheating so wouldn`t be surprised if Codemasters took some action ) Now, about the telemetry itself, here`s a main window, I`ll explain the data shown. Layout represents the car (obviously :D). Wheels numbers show difference between car speed and that particular wheel speed. When accelerating they`ll be positive and negative during braking/deceleration. Wheels change color to reflect: stationary, acceleration, deceleration and locked. It`s pretty neat being able to see what each wheel is doing real-time. Brake disks change color based on temperature. There are no numbers for disks as I haven`t noticed any degradation in brake force in relation to temperature. For anyone concerned - max value is 650 degrees. Vertical bars next to wheels represent suspension. Upper is compression, lower is rebound, respectively for each wheel. Getting the values here was tricky. DR2 telemetry only gives suspension position in relation to car. So if you lower or raise the car, tool won`t know it. So at the start of the stage telemetry will say that suspension position is -15, but tool doesn`t know if that is because it hit a hole or it`s by setup. So at the beginning of each stage tool will take start position as relative and apply the offset. The issue with that is that at some stages car will be on an uneven surface so some dampers will be extended or compressed than others. The tool tries to average it out between wheels, but still there`ll be some small differences. Axles represent the differential. It doesn`t show the difference in torque but difference in speed of each wheel. Play with the diff lock ratio to see the impact. Open the diff and the slider will move much more on loose tracks. Center diff represents difference in speed between averaged front and back wheel speeds. On left and right side there are "Fast" and "Slow" indicators. They represent which compression setting is currently active. In game (and real life) dampers have separate valves for fast and slow bumps. That means that depending on velocity of suspension travel - one or the other setting will be applied. Slow bumps are 90% of race, fast bumps are for hitting holes or that one straight in Argentina where you flat out over humps. If you record your drive, you can see when the fast damping is active and adjust either your settings or ride. Threshold can be set in game, and is for now hard-coded for default value in tool (0.6m/s). I`ll add option later to manually set it so it reflects your real setting (in a case you have played around with settings for fast bumps). (In the video you can clearly see Fast being activated as I french kiss the hill flatting out at 0:43 or when my tire decided to abandon the vehicle) The lower slider is lateral G force, the right hand side, long one is for longitudinal G force. Nothing fancy, but it gives some info for tuning your car. Lowest middle line is stage progress bar. I run clean HUD except speedometer, so it comes in handy on longer stages when I puncture tire - to change the tire or bite the bullet? Handbrake is there, but doesn`t have direct representation in data, so the tool calculates it. If back wheels are locked, and speed is greater than 0 and front wheels are doing something and some other parameters I forgot. But it`s pretty accurate. Last there are gear indicator, current speed (yes it`s in imperial, yes there will be option to change it ), RPM. Note that there is no input visualization: Throttle, Brake, Clutch, Wheel. That by design as I`m developing additional overlay window to replace in game one. That window will be detachable and user will be able to position it anywhere on the screen, as you can do with currently show telemetry window. Now, I`m pretty bad with math and vectors are science fiction for me, but we do have data for that also. Namely: Velocity, Roll and Pitch vectors. If you have any application for it, maybe I can implement it. Here`s a question for all of you: What would you like to see in the tool that would be useful given the data we have? Maybe I can implement it as I dust the rust away from my coding skills.
  10. I don`t want to go into discussion about refunding and such. A game is a big piece of software and there will be bugs. Now how you address them is another matter, and this is the part that makes consumers frustrated. There is something called hypercare period in software development (maybe in other areas too) where you plan and prepare for prompt response to incoming bugs and issues. Part of the hypercare is customer communication, which in crucial. I believe this is the part most consumers are most frustrated about. Not knowing what will be fixed or if it will even be fixed at all. And after buying Deluxe edition which brings me the perks of new DLC`s as soon as they come out - only to find out bug prevented me from getting the said content, whereas regular customers could just buy it and play immediately. That makes me question my decision of buying Deluxe edition in the first place. I`m not asking for a refund, I`m lucky enough to be able to afford it without taking the "food from the table", but lack of transparency, or at least honesty and acknowledgment, does leave a bitter taste in mouth.
  11. TheCulac

    Season 1 content missing

    Same issue here, Delux owner. Got the credits and notification that cars are delivered to my garage but there are no cars and they are available to buy from steam. Also, there is a new daily challenge that say I have no car to compete with AND there is none to purchase. So, an event for the cars that don`t exist - if it was in real life, it would look suspiciously as a money laundry scheme. 😄 I`m pretty sure R5`s are 4WD and below 2000cc.
  12. The issue with FFB definitely hits PC also. I have G29 and tried every solution proposed I could find, from bumping up the values, to specific combinations to editing .xml file to changing different Logitech drivers and playing with options. Nothing even remotely resembles the real feel of the car. I`m quite aware that it`s just a game, but the point of feedback is, well, to feed-back the information of the car and road. If we`re getting no feedback, or what`s even worse - wrong feedback, it completely beats the purpose and enjoyment of the ride. I, personally, have driven and was driven on both race track and gravel (I can`t speak for snow tho). And what we currently have implemented feels like driving with my first wheel (with rubber band centering) some 15 years ago and my brother hitting it (or me, if I wasn`t fast enough) with a hammer when I crashed. To be more specific: 1. First dozen or so of degrees around the center are virtually force-less, like in a vacuum (cca 10:30 - 1:30 o`clock). Which makes those fast 5`s and 6`s really tricky to negotiate as you have no idea what`s going on below the car. It is incredibly annoying to have zero feedback during majority of time in Poland where at times I caught myself pulling the steering wheel 90 degrees random direction just to be sure I`m not watching a reply, after which my car would look like a god d**n Klingon war bird returning from an epic and obviously outnumbered battle. 2. Once FFB kicks in, it`s too strong and harsh (again, on any settings I`ve managed to get) and those spin-offs want to put at least one of your fingers in the opposite direction of what traditional medicine considers correct curvature (with the strong preference for thumbs). 3. Bumps, what happened to bumps? Powering through one of the rare straights in Argentina, in a 400+ hp Audi`s 5th gear flat-out, when even camera`s gimbal clings to dear life cursing its creator and failed teleportation experiment kangaroo looks at it as a potential mate in heat on mdma headbanging concert - my wheel feels like a gentle breeze on a Valium enhanced sunny Sunday morning. 3. Changing terrains is like a flip switch - driving on the track and off track. For e.g. going from gravel to touching the grass feels like going from ice to hitting vineyard, full Petter Solberg style (see video below). Whenever I even remotely touch the grass, Muammad Ali`s narration echoes in my head: "Last night I cut the light off in my bedroom, hit the switch, was in the bed before the room was dark!" So, I really hope we`ll get proper FFB in this epic rally title, it deserves it. 🙂