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  1. Hi, i have this issue with the on board cam (see vid). Everytime when i start a rally i have to change the view, then when the countdown starts it changes again, so i have to correct it again. When i pause the game for some reasons (cat, dog, kids, wife ect...) again it changes. I hope it is possible that the game remembers my favorite cam setting (dashboard cam, no steering wheel ), so i don't have to change it all the time. I play Dirt 2.0 on a PS4 with the Logitech G29 + shifter. Love the game by the way! and great update with the FFB, it makes the game more alive. With kind regards, Ray VID_20190517_094359.mp4
  2. Yeah, that's what I thought ... Thnx for the info! 🤗.
  3. Hi, Can someone explain to me why I can't enter a D+ event in Dirt Rally 2.0? I bought a digital copy (standard version). When selected, I get the message "missing DLC entitlement. Go to PS store. When selected, I get the next message "this content can not be selected at this moment". Ok it's written in Dutch... I can think of 2 reasons why. First, I don't have a Deluxe version. Second, I don't have a PS+ account. Awaiting your reply...... Awaiting your reply......
  4. RDWRacing

    Can't enter a D+ Event

    Hi, Can someone explain to me why I can't enter a D+ event on my PS4? I bought a digital version of Dirt Rally 2.0 (standard) When I try to enter they say I don't have the right DLC content and I have to go the the PS store for download. But in the PS store I get the message they can't acces the right content at this moment, try later... I'm trying it for 3 days now!