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  1. Ugh, this desperately needs FOV options for all views. Also, Codies, please just add an option to remove chromatic abberation already! It's so blurry!
  2. They said "Cockpit view; look to apex", which is where the camera in cockpit turns toward a corners apex as you approach it, found in many other modern racing games, specifically those from Slightly Mad Studios
  3. No, not "early access" in terms of paying to play 3 days early or whatever. I mean like they did with DiRT Rally, where they release a beta version early in development, with a vision of what they want to achieve, and as they develop it the community gets to play and provide feedback. That way they can alter their road-map and make the game better before launch. In my opinion, this is desperately needed, as Codies don't seem to know what they're doing lately
  4. My fear with this is that it'll only get minor bug fixes and the season pass content and then Codies will move on, like they usually do. I wish they'd revamp their games when they're received poorly. Look at titles like Driveclub, which launched in a very rough under developed state, it received a near complete overhaul, got tonnes of content and features and has become a legendary racing game. I'd suggest you do the early access model for future DiRT Rally and GRiD Autosport titles at least, so you get the community feedback before the game launches. I just want Codies to put more t
  5. GRAPHICS OPTIONS! Mainly post processing stuff like turning off chromatic abberation, lens flair, bloom, blur, DOF effect, etc
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