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  1. Some body panels are missing from the Dash view in some cars. I've noticed this with the Nissan 300ZX and the FG X Falcon. You can see the road under the bonnet on both these cars and the 300ZX has the quarter panel missing. Platform: PC, Steam. Game is the latest version. Here are examples
  2. I noticed something was off on the first corner, as the image was moving the wrong direction when turning. Took me a minute to make the connection though
  3. The Ford Capri centre rear-view mirror shows the rear view as seen from the rear, not a reflection like the side mirrors... See attached image. Platform: PC, Steam. Game is the latest version. Have not noticed this as an issue on other vehicles.
  4. BenRogue

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I wounder if you'll try to sell $200 of DLC again, including content taken directly from previous games and paid DLC... 🤦‍♂️
  5. BenRogue

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Ugh, this desperately needs FOV options for all views. Also, Codies, please just add an option to remove chromatic abberation already! It's so blurry!
  6. I'm using a Radeon 5700XT. Forcing AA in Radeon software does not override the games settings for some reason. I can force SMAA via the XML but it's only marginally better. Would be nice if Codies just put all the settings in game. I wounder why there is no consistency between titles in terms of in-game graphics options, seems like that would be something that would be standardised/ streamlined across the studio?
  7. I have all post-processing off, it's the TAA that makes it blurry. If you manually change smaa to true with TAA off it does seem to make it look slightly better than just off, but still some noticeable aliasing
  8. I'm not saying Dirt Rally 2.0 has better graphics, just better options. The TAA anti-aliasing in GRID 2019 is very blurry and introduces smearing and weird artifacting, the resulting image is too soft and smeared. If you run it without TAA it looks clear but has aliasing, which is why I would like MSAA and FXAA as options instead
  9. Just wanted to post here (Or more aptly; shout into the void) to share my disappointment with the lack of Graphics Options and the plain ugly visuals in some areas. These are the big issues: Awfully low LOD on some objects (cones pop in like 10m in front of you and trees look like blurry blobs), the lack of Anti-Aliasing options (TAA is blurry, no MSAA or FXAA options?!?), mip-mapping is very noticeable and low quality on some objects (lights, wheels and ground textures often don't load in at full quality), also please let us turn off/on individual post-processing options, I want to be able to turn off Chromatic Aberration too! Basically, just give us the DiRT Rally 2.0 Graphics Options...
  10. BenRogue

    DiRT and DiRT 2 mods!

    TL;DR: Your game install will be fine as long as you create a back-up of the files being replaced I included that instruction as I think DiRT 2 won't launch if there are modified game files. I'm not sure if it does block you, because I use an archived copy of the game folder, so I don't ever use the original game installation as it's easier than manually applying the mods any time I install the game, If it's the Steam version, you can always run the Steam integrity check to re-download any edited/ modified files, so you're at no risk of breaking the game. You can manually create a back-up any files being replaced if you're unsure. The no-steam exe simply removes the steam launcher requirement and any anti-cheat protection. I use one myself so I can run mods without steam blocking me from launching the game or to stop steam from re-downloading the file because it recognises them as different from their original. It's not a 'pirated' exe, it's no different than running any other modded files. It's not giving you a free copy of the game, it's just a mod like any other
  11. BenRogue

    DiRT and DiRT 2 mods!

    Thanks for the comments staffeyx, I really appreciate it! Unfortunately there's not a lot else I can do, as I'm not skilled enough to replace assets, textures or make advanced physics tweaks. My goal was to bring out the 'inner beauty' from DiRT 1 and that also happened to be applicable to DiRT 2. My SimLite mod for DiRT 1 is the best I could do with what I could figure out from trolling trough the games XML files. The mod also allowed me to bundle in a few fixes to get the game to work on newer hardware and OS's, which might have been roadblocks for some. I tried to modify the wheel compatibility list with the config for my T300, but the game simply would not recognise it. Apparently it can be done for DiRT 2 though, but i couldn't get it to work I was going to make a similar set of mods for the 2008 version of GRiD, but the games files have some encoding similar to DiRT 2 that I can't figure out. You can remove the Bloom from GRiD and run it in much higher resolutions than the built in limit, with a few straightforward XML tweaks though. If you're interested in that, I could provide the steps needed? I couldn't justify making a'mod' for it just that though, as it's just a couple of minor XML tweaks
  12. BenRogue

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    They said "Cockpit view; look to apex", which is where the camera in cockpit turns toward a corners apex as you approach it, found in many other modern racing games, specifically those from Slightly Mad Studios
  13. BenRogue

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    No, not "early access" in terms of paying to play 3 days early or whatever. I mean like they did with DiRT Rally, where they release a beta version early in development, with a vision of what they want to achieve, and as they develop it the community gets to play and provide feedback. That way they can alter their road-map and make the game better before launch. In my opinion, this is desperately needed, as Codies don't seem to know what they're doing lately
  14. BenRogue

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    My fear with this is that it'll only get minor bug fixes and the season pass content and then Codies will move on, like they usually do. I wish they'd revamp their games when they're received poorly. Look at titles like Driveclub, which launched in a very rough under developed state, it received a near complete overhaul, got tonnes of content and features and has become a legendary racing game. I'd suggest you do the early access model for future DiRT Rally and GRiD Autosport titles at least, so you get the community feedback before the game launches. I just want Codies to put more time into their games, cramming as many features in as possible. This game is so bare bones, it's as if you wrote a list of every feature from any previous games, then crossed almost everything off it! And don't hold so much back for season passes, it feels piecemealed
  15. BenRogue

    DiRT and DiRT 2 mods!

    That's unfortunate as they're my favourite DiRT games, hence why I put literally dozens of hours into the DiRT mods