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  1. TheEnjoyer

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Any changes in offline career mode? A year later?
  2. Kinda weird to see still problems exist. Cause of this and the always online thing, im not sure if im gonna get the dlc because both of them worry me. If the always online feature would be gone i would get some dlc.
  3. March 7th 2019: Friend of mine has connection failed issues as of today. He cant play the whole day already. (on PC, steam) Honestly, can someone tell me that alway online will be removed from this game? It's bad practice to force players to be always online. I dont have internet all the time so i cant play career mode when that happens. Besides that, didnt anyone learn from the always online mistake of Need For Speed 2015. Next need for speed payback didnt have always online. They learned from their mistakes, and i hope codemasters will learn faster and not wait till Dirt Rally 3.0 The game is awesome though, so props for that! But please PLEASE remove always online 😄