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  1. Masterfool

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Can you elaborate on the new XP system that "increases performance potential of your car"...because we don't get it and it is not apparent what or how this is happening. If at all..
  2. Masterfool

    Duel mode opponents are not real players

    Im sorry..but it seems BRUTALLY obvious to me that AI bots are being used to do more than just "fill-in" racers or merely used to improve player experience, resolve connection issues and smooth game play flow. I have not yet set out to do the data collection nessisary to provide this proof but I'm reasonably sure AI bots are often "The man trying to keep me down" lol. The pattern... I believe I see ....we'll just say for devils advocates sake..as well is not exclusive to the use of bots. The match maker has a *to me* a noticeable trend of wickedly ramping matches made to you as to move thru a league that vaugely sem to ratchet up about half way thru the league..and then get noticeably worse..untill you only need a couple races to complete the league..at which point the damn thing has matched me with racers(unsure if they were bots or not) that are a leage ABOVE ME...and a league which I have not yet gotten into..so they have a wickedly clear advantage right out of the gate due to thier increased R&D pool. The match maker part..IDC about..I can see clear they might need to match me with a higher leage racers...not thrilled about it..but ok..im a peace with it..but when that racer is a bot..and is destroying me by 2-5 seconds when I did a clean race..THAT is when I become a dissatisfied customer..if you cannot make a bot that gives me a chance at winning..then I'd rather not race at all. In fact..if you simply notified the racer the duel opponent will be a bot..and gave them the OPTION to say "NO!..I came here to race against other humans..not bots..id go single player for that" then..hey..that seems in my eyes to be a legitimate and useful solution. Does it not?