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  1. more stages, better dynamic weather system, more options for force feedback especially with surface weariness. I wish there would be a signifcant influence on the wheel's force feedback when driving on worn out stages...
  2. so, finally i found the class i can compete with, it's 2000cc class. Feels good not to take place as 28th!
  3. i tried different classes but i prefer group b most, the cars a fast and powerful, but i fail in all classes to leave open difficulty...that's Dirt Rally 2.0 🙂
  4. i'm not a pro and i would like to see the ai times fixed and more balanced because i even can't get from Open to Clubman. I think Open and Clubman should be a little bit easier for beginners.
  5. Thanks for sharing this... i need a setup for the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 (Group B AWD) for Rallying
  6. i became more comfortable with FWD cars and i think they will be my favorites. But driving AWD and RWD cars is really painful for me. I can't drive them fast without demolishing the whole car. How are you driving them?
  7. Thanks Mike-Dee for your explanation, here's another video link from DirtRally about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL85fZlYLQ0 got another question about Left Foot Braking: does LFB also mean not to lift off the foot from the throttle while breaking, so that i'm pushing throttle and brake at the same time?
  8. i already read something about weight transfer but how can i exactly benefit from it? And what are flicks and what do you mean by the rest?
  9. how can i learn to drive like her? i'm just driving as fast as i can but can't proceed to clubman. Getting some analysis from more experienced drivers would be helpful!
  10. stupid question: where can i set a ghost to race against? Haven't found that feature yet.
  11. wow, this girl knows how to rally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd42XRX-EKU commentary appreciated !!!
  12. i watched the basic rally tutorial video but i couldn't understand much of what he explained because he was talking so unaccurately....so how do i make my car slide into the corners and how do i use the clutch kick correctly? And how important is clutch kicking, right now i have turned it off... does this mean the clutch is applied automatically through the game? Another thing i found out that i was used to always lift of my foot from the throttle when braking. I'm now trying to stay on the throttle while braking but i still need to learn these techniques.... Thx for any advice for me as
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