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  1. thanks from me, too. (Hoping for a Hotfix)
  2. that's not the problem. I've bought the Deluxe 2.0 package (season 3+4) and got the FlatoutPack for free. As you can see i own both of them in the picture:
  3. my driver is uptodate, i think we need these files...
  4. lol, maybe somebody could upload these two files for us....or we need to hope for help from Codies! Have a nice day!
  5. unfortunately i forgot to delete the two dummy files (uk__scotland_rally_03.nefs and uk__scotland_rally_04.nerfs) before redownloading. But nevertheless redownloading or checking file integrity should solve this issue!
  6. i redownloaded the game and it's still not possible to play Scotland!
  7. doesn't help either
  8. the location folder has 77 GB's so i don't want to delete all the files. But i cannot find a scotland location file in there. Any idea?
  9. i'm having the same problem, too! hopefully there's a fix for it without re-downloading the whole game.
  10. more stages, better dynamic weather system, more options for force feedback especially with surface weariness. I wish there would be a signifcant influence on the wheel's force feedback when driving on worn out stages...
  11. i have micro stuttering occuring when playing online multiplayer. Would be nice if this issue could be fixed.
  12. Makromatic

    WRC 9

    i'm playing both games, first i take a dose or two of WRC8 and after that a dose of Dirt Rally 2.0. Most effective !!! I would prefer DIrt Rally 2.0 over WRC8 if it would have better FFB. I'm still hoping for an update in the next patch. My T150 wheel stays much too quiet when driving at full speed. I would like to feel the same effect when driving with a damaged wheel at high speed then, that would be thrilling. Also when braking the car down if would like to feel something when the wheels are locked up. I'm really dissapointed about the FFB how it is.
  13. Makromatic

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    so, finally i found the class i can compete with, it's 2000cc class. Feels good not to take place as 28th!
  14. Makromatic

    show ghosts in online multiplayer

    we really need this feature for Dirt Rally 2.0 !!!! +1 +1 +1
  15. Makromatic

    show ghosts in online multiplayer

    please post +1 if you also would like to have this feature!