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  1. Makromatic

    ffb improvements

    will there be further improvements to the ffb as promised? I feel that stages with softer ground have very few ffb which is logic but sometimes i'm missing something. Whereas stages with hard roads feel more satisfying when driving Dirt Rally 2.0 P.S.: Greece is great aswell as Argentinia - they are my favorites! Greetings Makromatic
  2. Makromatic

    Tuning for MG Metro 6r4 RX

    how to drive these cars in RX? Feels very hard for me as they behave completely different to the RX Supercars.
  3. Makromatic

    Tuning for MG Metro 6r4 RX

    i can't find a setup on the internet, so thanks for sharing your setup of this car!
  4. Makromatic

    Tuning for MG Metro 6r4 RX

    Hello! I'm looking for a tuning setup for the MG Metro 6r4 for RX.
  5. Makromatic

    dailys not changing

    since 3 days my daily challenges have always the same events.
  6. Makromatic

    rewind feature

    yet another suggestion: i would like to have in free game a mode with a rewind feature for practicing! See you on the road!
  7. Makromatic

    separate car setup profiles

    can we have separate car setup profiles for tarmac and gravel so we don't ever need to change our setups when driving on different grounds?
  8. Makromatic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Thanks for sharing this... i need a setup for the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 (Group B AWD) for Rallying
  9. is there any chance that F1 2019 will get supersampling aa? I really would like to buy it but F1 2018 looks so awful on my 1920x1080 resolution....
  10. Makromatic

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    T150 RS
  11. i just played a weekly challenge and i thought it would be possible to save after each stage but the game didn't allow me. Is this the same with the monthly challenge? That would be awful.
  12. Makromatic

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    Since i tried different values in the xml definition file my ffb is wrecked. I already reverted changes in the xml file back to default and reloaded the profile, also let steam check my installation, but the ffb feels very weak now. Don't know what's messed up... does anybody know how to fix this?
  13. Makromatic

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    i have SAT and Suspension set to 150 but it still feels to weak for me. Does it still make sense to edit the actiondefine.xml after the ffb update?
  14. Makromatic

    ffb suddenly much weaker

    does it actually make sense to modify the define.xml file after the ffb update from Codemasters or is it now obsolete?
  15. Makromatic

    ffb suddenly much weaker

    i made changes to the define.xml file but reverted them back to it's default values. Since then my ffb feels completely different, it's much weaker now, i previously had SAT at 55 and now i'm using 150 but it feels too weak for me. I also tried to reset/reload the profile and let steam repair the installation. What is wrong?