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  1. Makromatic

    additional sound fx

    could we get some additional sound effect when driving through water puddles on tarmac? Not every single puddle because the road is quite covered with them but maybe the most big ones.
  2. Makromatic

    fix for the water bug

    When will the water bug be fixed? It will add some immersion to it when fixed. Thanks!
  3. Makromatic

    New ffb impressions

    after testing the new ffb some more, i must say it feels much more realistic now, very good . Some more vibration fx and i'll be happy :-)
  4. Makromatic

    New ffb impressions

    Hi Richie, i also think the game is okay and it's quite fun to play. The thing is i compare it too much with DR1 where in my opinion the physics and the ffb and the stage design harmonized better. But i'm slowly getting used to it. Cheers!
  5. Makromatic

    New ffb impressions

    yes, that's how i feel about it too. And i think the main problem with the whole ffb is that most parts of the stages have very flat surfaces, that's why we don't feel much on our wheels. (i already mentioned that in another thread). Sadly this is Dirt Rally 2.0, i really expected more.
  6. my suggestion for unexpected moments on Monte Carlo stages: make ice or snow chunks fall from the rocks above us onto the road!
  7. even with these settings i can't feel much of a force feedback. I hope they will add just more effects to it, (using a wheel T150 here)
  8. Makromatic

    reduced repair costs

    By the way, which cars don't have high repair? Which car should i use instead the Lancia Fulvia?
  9. Makromatic

    reduced repair costs

    So, well, i'm not the best driver and i often have significant damage on my cars and the repair costs are really high. This forces me to play with Lancia Fulvia which becomes very boring. Please add a feature to unlock reduced repair costs in the garage for each car. That would be great!
  10. Makromatic

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    maybe i shouldn't say "broken", bad bad word. Yes some more details would be good.
  11. Makromatic

    hill climb

    pleas add hill climb after the two seasons are released. Would be so nice to have it in Dirt Rally 2.0 !!!!
  12. Makromatic

    rewards for time trial

    i would like to have weekly rewards for time trials. So you get weekly rewarded for every time trial you made during this week.
  13. Makromatic

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    i'm confused about news to the ffb: two weeks ago i read that they are completely overhauling the ffb and yesterday i read in the steam community that the devs said the ffb isn't broken at all and won't change. What's going to happen?
  14. Makromatic

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    i don't want real physics i want to have fun while driving...what do you say about the braking distance?
  15. Makromatic

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    i also feel frustrated with DR2 compared to DR's driving physics. DR2 feels much too arcadish for my taste. The old physics were much better and really gave me the feeling of driving a rally car in a rally. For example the braking distance of cars in DR2 is much too short. You can easily brake down until you stop and the car doesn't slip much when braking. In DR good braking was essential to keep the car on the road without kissing some trees. This made the game so much fun drive. I can't really understand why they changed the physics so much compared to DR! I also don't like the stages build in DR2 that much. So i'm happy that they will add the old stages as DLC.