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  1. i'm playing both games, first i take a dose or two of WRC8 and after that a dose of Dirt Rally 2.0. Most effective !!! 

    I would prefer DIrt Rally 2.0 over WRC8 if it would have better FFB. I'm still hoping for an update in the next patch. My T150 wheel stays much too quiet when driving at full speed. I would like to feel the same effect when driving with a damaged wheel at high speed then, that would be thrilling. Also when braking the car down if would like to feel something when the wheels are locked up. I'm really dissapointed about the FFB how it is. 

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  2. Quote

    4. Learn how to control the weight transfers, and not just through flicks. Learn how to abuse lift-off oversteer on entry, learn how adding 20% LFB while maintaining 100% throttle can add 10° of turn in, get the weight balanced evenly across all 4 tyres, and changes where you are in the the powerband

    i already read something about weight transfer but how can i exactly benefit from it? And what are flicks and what do you mean by the rest?

  3. i watched the basic rally tutorial video but i couldn't understand much of what he explained because he was talking so unaccurately....so how do i make my car slide into the corners and how do i use the clutch kick correctly? And how important is clutch kicking, right now i have turned it off... does this mean the clutch is applied automatically through the game? Another thing i found out that i was used to always lift of my foot from the throttle when braking. I'm now trying to stay on the throttle while braking but i still need to learn these techniques....

    Thx for any advice for me as beginner.... I'm trying to get better. With the Lancia Fulvia i'm reaching 11th position every else car place 28-30 in open difficulty

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