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    Game not loading

    The game won’t load and when it does there’s a error message “There was an error updating your profile” I’ve found that deleting the game and reinstalling fixes the issue but just for about 2 days then It comes back, I’m honestly tired of this, please fix it or refund the money Edit: the game notification are completely broken as well, when a part finishes upgrading the game sends you a store notification, in fact, the game keeps sending store notifications every hour, it’s just ridiculous!
  2. Here are some suggestions: -Allow players to customize helmets or give us more options. -An option to cancel duels while the game is trying to find an opponent would be nice. -if you buy a car you should at least be able to differentiate between the other cars, other than the color, like adding their own engine sounds, in real life engines sound different and the game should be no different. -Again, do something about dirty driving!!
  3. People are doing awesome times cutting corners and taking advantage of bugs in specific tracks and their times still count? As far as I know those are bannable offenses, it’s impossible to compete like that. Penalties are so tough In my opinion, if you cut the corner it’s ok if you get slowed down but in addition you get another 5 seconds in addition, or you get the 5 seconds only or you get slowed down, one or another, sometimes you make honest mistakes.