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  1. Ingenio

    HTAR Season 3 [PC]

    Hey, are you looking for a league to drive in, then you can join HTAR! We are going into our third season and looking for some more drivers. We have 2 Tiers, Tier 1 running on Saturday at 8pm CEST and Tier 2 on Friday at 8pm CEST. In order to determine who is in which tier there will be 2 short quali sessions around Spa on the 25th of July. Then on the 31st of July Tier 2 will start and on the 1st of August Tier 1 will start. Our expectations from you: - Clean, Fair Racing. - Respect for the other drivers/guests in our Discord. General information: - F1 League with main F1 teams - Equal car performance - Short qualifying - 50% Races - Dynamic Weather - Strict corner cutting rules - Full damage - Full setups - Ghosting on - Formation Lap on Assist Restrictions: No Pit Assists, everything else allowed. If you are interested in joining, join the discord https://discord.gg/jPUaAmS and you can sign up there. Hope to you on the race track :)
  2. Ingenio

    [PC] [EU] HTAR F2

  3. Ingenio

    [PC] [EU] HTAR F2

    HTAR is looking for drivers for Season 1 of the F2 championship. The last round was Monaco and we are now moving on to France Our expectations from you: Clean, Fair Racing Respect for other drivers on and off track General Information Races on Sunday 4pm CET 2019 F2 cars and calendar Equal car performance Fixed Setups Strict corner cutting rules Dynamic weather One-Shot Quali 50% feature and sprint races It is all based on driver skill and its fun to get away from the usual F1 cars sometimes. We try to have full grids for every race but as the interest in F2 is far lower than in F1 it is really hard to get so most races are with 10-15 drivers. If you are interested in the standings you can find them here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fmF9h5ro0wEDB-TSdYgsaa1Xx9VHSxoov3HIzXoCa7Y/edit?usp=sharing If you are interested in joining HTAR add https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ingenio/ on Steam or join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/S3hTYxy We are happy over everyone who joins! 🙂
  4. Ingenio

    Looking for F2 league [PC]

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ingenio/ Here is my steam, please add me if you have a league or just comment on this. 🙂
  5. Ingenio

    Looking for F2 league [PC]

    After already racing in a f2 league I decided that I want to join another because I am having so much fun with those cars. If you have one please let me know. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  6. Ingenio

    [PC/EU] HTAR Season 1

    We also started an F2 season where we use fixed setup. The races are on Sunday 4pm CET. WE use on-shot quali and do a 50% feature and sprint race. If you are interested join the discord https://discord.gg/S3hTYxy
  7. Ingenio

    [PC/EU] HTAR Season 1

    Updated calendar
  8. Ingenio

    New league starting up.

    What day are the races?
  9. Ingenio

    [PC] Top Speed issues

    ok I fixed it by unplugging my XBOX controller. Thank you for helping me. Sometimes the simple stuff helps. But once again thank you very much!
  10. Ingenio

    [PC] Top Speed issues

    I am using a T300 and have a XBOX 360 controller connected, too
  11. Ingenio

    [PC] Top Speed issues

    In advance I want to thank you for every bit of help I get and that this issue happens in all game modes. All the stats are from time trial but it happens in the other modes as well. Problem: Since like a week or so I have been having issues with my straight-line speed having strong variation. Most recently at baku. So the issue I am having is that sometimes my top speed is far lower than normal, in baku I got 340 kph after the long straight and on a later lap with the exact same line through the last few corners I just hit 326 and it is not just the straight it´s all the parts of the track. At Baku this cost me 1.3 seconds to my personal best and cost me 8 tenths in the last sector alone. This happened in both 1.11 and 1.12 and I have tried reinstalling my game twice. I have also tried switching between Dx11 and Dx12 but that also didn´t solve the issue. And also please take into consideration that this wasn´t just tested over 2 laps but over more than 20 laps, so it´s not just me doing a bad lap or getting bad exits. I really hope someone can help me as it massively reduces the fun I have in this game. Thank you in advance
  12. Ingenio

    [PC/EU] HTAR Season 1

    here is the calendar for our first season
  13. Ingenio

    [PC/EU] HTAR Season 1

    We now have a full grid. But you can still join as a Reserve Driver