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  1. Dirt Rally -Better viewing angles in replays. -60fps replays also on consoles. -Exhaust bang sounds. -Germany without a terrible cloud of dust.
  2. There is too much lateral grip, so the car stays on the road too easily even at high speeds. You can drive bends supernaturally fast. Cars also jumps too much. I think that’s why this can’t be called a simulation.
  3. No, this is not a simulator, this is a rally game.
  4. More long special stages, narrower roads and variability. In other words, roads need to be more challenging. (Monte Carlo and Germany at WRC 8 as good examples) Better asphalt physics. Less grip on gravel. Better and unforgivable damage model. Current WRC cars.
  5. Why are you trying to defend this? There is fog all the time, those pictures are just like a different game.
  6. Yep, we need more options to the wet road in Finland. Cloudy midday and wet road, please Codemasters.
  7. Looks good without fog. Just add the rain, it just belongs to Finnish weather.
  8. Weather selection is ridiculous. Why there is no option to cloudy weather and wet road? Disappointment once again. Thanks Codemaster.
  9. How the hell can it be so hard to bring a dashcam here? It was Dirt Rally 1, so there should be no excuses.
  10. Dirt Rally 1 also has 60fps replays on consoles. So it is disappointing that here is only 30fps.
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