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  1. J89

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    Don't worry, I'm not going to go any further. Ianism just can’t get over the fact, that I feel someone has changed. He always grabs that :D
  2. J89

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    I’m just saying try it, you’ll immediately notice the difference. When playing without updates, the cars have less lateral grip. What is outrageous in my argument? : DD
  3. J89

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    Try the game without updates, you will notice the difference clearly. The car slides more and it is harder to drive.
  4. J89

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    My thoughts on the game, i know i get hate on my neck about this. Car list is varied and good (excluding current WRC-cars). The sounds are great, only the sounds on the road surface could have done a better job, I would have liked to hear more of the crackling of the stones, etc. Graphics are also great. Sometimes playing is quite enjoyable ( on a wet road with hard tires), but there are still too many things I just don’t like: -Replay's viewing angles are poor compared to Dirt Rally 1. -Something was done to the driving model in the 1.04 update, driving became easier and boring, lateral grip was added too much. You can drive supernaturally fast, without fear of crashing. You can drive jumps to flat out etc. -The FFB is still miserable. -There are still a lot of bugs in the game. -I don't even say anything about Race Net ... almost forget, funding with old Dirt Rally 1 content. We are still waiting for a rally simulator that could challenge RBR.
  5. J89

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    Dirt Rally -Better viewing angles in replays. -60fps replays also on consoles. -Exhaust bang sounds. -Germany without a terrible cloud of dust.
  6. J89

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    So they just don't know how to remove fog?
  7. J89

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    It's amazing how ****** Finland looks compared to Dirt Rally 1. It's just laziness from the codemaster when they don't fix it.
  8. J89

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    There is too much lateral grip, so the car stays on the road too easily even at high speeds. You can drive bends supernaturally fast. Cars also jumps too much. I think that’s why this can’t be called a simulation.
  9. J89

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    60fps replays also back to consoles. Dirt Rally 1 replays are 60fps, here only 30fps, which is weird.
  10. J89

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    No, this is not a simulator, this is a rally game.
  11. J89

    What happens with Rally Sweden?

    In this game, snowbanks are a joke.
  12. More long special stages, narrower roads and variability. In other words, roads need to be more challenging. (Monte Carlo and Germany at WRC 8 as good examples) Better asphalt physics. Less grip on gravel. Better and unforgivable damage model. Current WRC cars.
  13. Why are you trying to defend this? There is fog all the time, those pictures are just like a different game.
  14. Why is there no rain in Finland?
  15. J89

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Yep, we need more options to the wet road in Finland. Cloudy midday and wet road, please Codemasters.