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  1. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    This^ I was supposed to start my military service in 2012, but I managed to get so bad shoulder injury, so they told me to stay home. 😒 "exemption from peacetime service"
  2. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I meant more like it's not fun when it happens. I will remember that "oh ****" moment forever. 😂
  3. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    That's not fun. On one of my race cars the steering wheel splines decided to disappear after little contact with fellow racer, so the wheel did turn but it didn't have anything to do with steering anymore. I crashed HARD.
  4. Murikka

    Music Thread

  5. Murikka

    What was your last purchase

    New phone. 😎 Oneplus Nord.
  6. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    I did a thing today. Removed front bumper and nose cone + rad support of my gf's Chevrolet Caprice. I also gave bunch of tools to my gf and told her to learn how to use those. She want's to learn and I'm more than happy to teach. She did so well today, eventually she can say that se built her car by herself. Our main goal is to get rid of that POS Oldsmobile engine and replace it with 350cid small block chevy + fresh transmission. Also that car needs some new metal (rust fixes) as some parts of it looks like it was lifted from the sea, right next of Titanic.
  7. Murikka

    Playseat Question

    I built my own playseat. I found those official playseats overpriced and little flimsy when it comes to those foldable ones. The one I built is about same size as playseat challenge, but it's really sturdy. Only minus is that it's not foldable obiviously. And I still have it in really small room. It's not the prettiest one as the size, weight and sturdines was the main factors, but it works really well. And before anyone gets all insulted about that flag, it doesn't translate like that here where I live.
  8. Murikka

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    I'm rewatching Archer. Again.
  9. But only if we can still have that old BDA Escort too. And it really would need to be in it's own class as it has nothing to do with historic rally cars, so maybe as I said earlier, some more open class for more "modified" rwd cars or Escort rally special class for Millington Escorts. And for Codies, there is no such thing as too many Ford Escorts. Mk2 is the ultimate rally car.
  10. One thing I would like to see, even I know it's not going to happen, is proper Millington mk2 Escort. Dirt games needs to have legendary Works MK2 Escort, but also proper +300hp Millington powered escort with 6-speed sequential gear box, more modern rear axle and all the goodies would be neat. That car would need a totally new class for it, but it could be more open rwd class with e36 M3 and other stupidly fast rwd cars with modern stuff put in them. And yes I know earlier dirt games had that mismatch Escort. It tried to be historic rally car and Millington ford at the same time.
  11. Murikka

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    I have noticed that it's somewhat difficult to keep the shiny side up in scotland. Too bad I don't have any screenshots of my mishaps. Only this. This masterpiece is called; sisämutkan sekunti.
  12. Murikka

    Problems after Flat Out Pack

    2. Sarjan osakilpailuihin hyväksyttävät autot ja kilpailuluokat: 2.1 Kilpailuluokat F-Rallisarjan kilpailuluokkia on 9. Luokat ajavat sarjan kaikissa osakilpailuissa. Luokissa 1-6 ennakkotutustuminen on kielletty rallin lajisääntöjen mukaisesti. F-Rallisarjan luokissa 7, 8 ja 9 ennakkotutustuminen on mahdollista sarjan osakilpailun sääntöjen mukaisesti. And here provided by google translator There are 9 competition categories in the F-Rally series. The classes run the series in all races. In classes 1-6 Prior acquaintance is prohibited in accordance with the rally rules. In classes 7, 8 and 9 of the F-Rally series, preliminary introduction is possible in the series according to the rules. http://www.f-rallisarja.fi/sarja/sarjasaannot/ It's shame there is no subtitles in this video, as it's quite funny. But here co driver actually tells only what he sees and then the cautions from the roadbook.
  13. Murikka

    Problems after Flat Out Pack

    This has nothing to do with the game, but Finnish F group rally races are driven without pace notes and you are not allowed to do any recce runs. Your co driver will have a roadbook, which has all the cautions listed, so when they see caution marker on side of the road the co driver knows what kind of caution it is.
  14. And who wouldn't like to tame an M3.