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  1. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    Last weekend I was in a car&bike meet, mainly for american cars and harley bikes. Our car club was one of the many organisers. There was some club vs club competitions and so on, everyone had good time. Unfortunately next morning when I woke up I had really sad news from our club president. One car that left there at night was involved in accident. Later we saw news that few passengers had some sort of argument and they did stop on side of the road and 2 of them got ran over by a semi. I didn't really know them that well, but it's really heartbreaking how some silly argument can turn into that. Also it kinda hits home, as they were fellow car enthusiasts. Another thing that makes this even more sad, is people on facebook. Every news I see shared on facebook, is full of rude comments and people who say they were idiots, as they did stop there. They should remember that anyone can make stupid mistake and that now there is kids without mom or dad and family+friends that will miss them. Mostly I feel bad for that young girl who drove that american car. She saw her boyfriend and friend getting killed right next to her and now people are saying on facebook how it's her fault as she stopped there. This is sad af.
  2. Murikka

    What was your last purchase

    82 Ford Taunus I had to get a new daily driver, so I bought old Ford.
  3. Murikka


    Fun fact about that game and that console trailer. They used Finnish "pilsnerbil" in those cockpit shots in that trailer. Also that american STW that jumps in the trailer is actually inspired by that car. I can't find any decent pictures of that car right now, but it's beaten up, matte black 80's buick stw with bug catcher scoop and orange emergency warning lights on the roof.
  4. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yea I have read about that rs1700T. It's just perfect in every way IMO But I have to say that I don't really like the rs200. Mostly because it's quite ugly.
  5. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip

    Would love to see that car in action some day. I know it's rare as hen's teeth and didn't never see any real rally action, but that is one badass Ford.
  6. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    I have been reading this forum since Dirt Rally, also tried to join at one point but for some reason this forum didn't let me join. Finally joined succesfully some time ago. On the other note, usually when I buy something I tend to think that only the cheapest one is good enough. Well few days ago I bought a Auto Gauge tachometer for 67€ and put it on my car, well it kinda worked, only that after 2000rpm it took a jump to 5000rpm. I spent time making sure that all the wires are ok and I didn't mess anything up. Finally I was sure that I just got bad tach and returned it. Today I went to our local speed shop and got myself a proper Auto Meter tach for 180€ and BOOM it works like a charm. So now I have a fancy new tach in my beer barge. Lesson here: Don't buy cheap gauges.
  7. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    Sold my van today. But on the positive note, I got quite good amount of money in exchange.
  8. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    I hate it when I have to or I want to sell one of my cars. I'm trying to sell my chevy van, mainly because I want someone to have more time for it, but at the same time I don't want to sell it. This is why I don't sell my cars and all the sudden I have cars at home, at my garage and at my dad's home.
  9. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    Kinda been there done that. My ex got mad because I spent time with my friends without her at my birthday. She did **** like that all the time so I told her when she called me and threw a temper tantrum at me, to get all her **** from my place and leave me alone. Best choise of my life. There is no reason to waste time in toxic relationship as we are only getting older, so I recommend that you try to have a serious talk with your brother. I finally found a really good partner, best part is that she is also a car enthusiast, so she don't tell me to not buy more cars. I think we have 9 or 10 cars at the moment.
  10. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip

    I'd say 240 Volvo would be the best one.
  11. Murikka

    The Stuff Thread

    My last mot was 50€ and only thing I had to do was few little patches on the floor panel. + I fix my cars myself. How much you have to pay insurance in a year? Both my cars that actually works has about 120€/year each. But I'm quite sure that I use more money on fuel than you do. My cars are quite thirsty. (20L/100km)
  12. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip

  13. Murikka

    DiRTy Gossip

    Nice! What engines they use on those Bimmers over there? Here M3 or a regular e36 with a engine from M3 is quite common car. I think there was already some sort of record this year at one rally, as there was 71 entrants with BMW's. Drivers with Escorts and Starlets needs to really drive on the limit all the time to compete against those 300-400hp M3's here.
  14. Murikka

    Season 1 Germany