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  1. Shmeefly

    Sunday Driver Trophy

    i Find I’m quicker with no assists anyway, more control over the car, I assume that’s it for trophies now for dr2? I wouldn’t mind more but only if they were rally based and were tied more to play time instead of beating unrealistic AI on hard, but I’m assuming season 4 is the final dlc
  2. Shmeefly

    Sunday Driver Trophy

    The AI are a little op, but in the rain at certain events it’s doable, but the main issue is that the other heats (not including the player) the AI doesn’t scale down, so you can win all 4 heats and still not qualify because the AI heats were literally like 10 seconds faster, the AI is clearly quick at max diff but the heat your in they kinda rubber band around abouts to your speed, within a few secs but yea the AI only heats don’t so unless your at your best location in rain it’s not worth wasting your time
  3. Shmeefly

    Irish stages!! Please

    Irish stages would be awesome to see, if they can’t grab the licensing for the WRC maybe the BRC is something they could look into for DR3 hell yes to Corolla, and Celica GT4, wanted that for so long lol I miss the Quattro Sport as well, the S1 E2 is a beast but the Sport is nicer
  4. Shmeefly


    Codemasters I can’t believe how badly the multiplayer aspect of your games are, but this takes the cake, honestly, your clearly aware that like 80% of players in F1 public games are griefers and ram you off track every single race, so why you don’t allow custom RANKED lobbies where we can choose to race with Collisions OFF is beyond comprehension to me, then, to make matters worse... you can’t get the RULES right, and then you introduce a SAFETY RATING!!!! To which I RECIEVE PENALTIES for griefers ramming me up the rear, and seen to collect countless 3-5 sec penalties for overtaking CRASHED CARS 😂😂😂 which in turn lowers my safety rating and puts me in with all the griefers. Not getting the rules correct in the official licensed game is a farce in itself, I mean let me give you a proper example: il get pole then get rammed off into turn ONE in Italy and get pushed onto the slip road, which I then obviously have to take, except coming out of it will result in corner cutting penalties every time and more often than not a collision warning or collision penalty for someone ramming ME up the rear, leaving me with probably some damage, 8 secs of penalties and 10 positions lost while the griefers who literally just cut through the corner at full speed and took out half the players gets probably less than me in terms of punishment, ITS A JOKE, and you do NOTHING to resolve these issues, your not stupid you clearly know about this, at the very least allow us create our own ranked lobbies with full options, why do we have to play yours, 2018 won’t even let me server search like 2017 does, you seem to have a habit of going backwards Codeys and are renowned for not fixing clear issues, it’s probably why you only have a niche market, I’m assuming 2019 and so on will have these same problems left UNADDRESSED, it wasn’t so long ago I was in here begging you to fix DR2, I’ve lost all respect, I know what to except from your games every time now
  5. It’s Codemasters man, it will take them 2 months to fix issues from 2 months ago lol enjoy the long wait, half of it won’t even get fixed anyway, glad I’m done with the game now, got sick of waiting for core issues with the game to be fixed, looks like most people are still waiting too
  6. Shmeefly

    4 YEARS

    4 and still no patch for the hardest trophy in F1 2015, I’ve finished 5 races even came 1st in one and “Hard Times” will not unlock REALLY!!! lol F1 2018 is a shambles, DR2.0 is even worse, and what does the future of your company look like if all these broken games are common place, and worse, an expectable way of doing business for you, the fact is the team isn’t good enough to code games properly, and that’s so ironic seeing as your called Codemasters, none of you are masters of code by a mile it’s beyond a joke, I enjoy racers and you make decent ones this is true, but man are they hollow, so il be buying your games in the bargain bin from now on, best way to describe your games is ‘good qualities but poor quality’ please go hire some more competent staff seriously 😐 it’s clearly too much to ask you to fix your current games, not that they will be, not fully, so to simply fix 1 trophy in F1 2015 isn’t even worth asking but I’m more than happy to vent here about what I think about it 👎 thanks again CM..... thanks again
  7. Shmeefly


    Can’t find Germany in store on ps4
  8. Shmeefly

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Season Two content revealed

    The only rally content we get is 2 cars and Wales, I’m guessing you cut content so you could spend more time fixing the mess the game is in, there had better be a season 3 with Rally only content as an apology for 2 months of broken mess, poor communication with the customer, and all round bad decisions that come with the release of this title, and why is Germany not appearing on the store, have you forgotten to add it there or something because this is just getting pathetic now, the list of issues is growing immensely with each patch and STILL we’re waiting for the game breaking aspects to be fixed, I’m just left shaking my head
  9. Shmeefly

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Season Two content revealed

  10. The number of bug reports is insane 😂😂😂 massive patch needed everyone clear some hardrive space in a month... or 2 😂😂
  11. Shmeefly

    DLC locations not featured

    Since the first DLC location dropped, zero percent of the community events and AI challenges have featured a DLC location, only the special events which is like 1 daily and a weekly, I know you should have your hands full fixing the AI in career and the visual issues at night and heavy rain etc, but is this too much to ask for, I mean I’m not bored of the old locations by any means but the lack of variety isn’t helping that, and career isn’t playable.... STILL so community events and AI challenges are all some of us play at the moment, it’s all I’ve been able to play since a week after launch
  12. Well the FFB patch has seemed to have fixed the leaderboard so that’s good, thumbs up to CM for sorting that quickly, and I’m not sure if it’s just me but it feels a bit smoother too, handling wise, but @ChristinaMc now it’s time to focus on the bigger issues like heavy rain graphics, visibility issues in rain/night, headlights, and most importantly the AI, difficulty in career is in serious need of adjustment, and also the AI needs to be adjusted in terms of track conditions, like if it’s heavy rain or night, or both the AI doesn’t drop a second to compensate, they post the same times as if it was a sunny day with max visibility and grip, nor do tyres seem to affect their times, if between service areas I need hard tyres they all seem to have softs and none of the front runners ever make a mistake, if we’re not finishing (in lower difficulties) first they always are, and a personal one for me (and many others) please set the wipers default to OFF when we start every stage with manual wipers, having to hold the button to turn them off is so very frustrating, I know this isn’t the first you’ve heard of it either this has been a request since Dirt Rally 1, even your loyal fans are starting to get upset with waiting for these bigger issues now, thanks 🙏 Just editing as I’ve noticed the leaderboards are in fact still buggy, they worked fine on a daily but a weekly I’m in is showing the same issues brought forward with 1.07, shame, was trying to think positively
  13. Let’s hope 1.08 fixes what went wrong in 1.07 (PS4) or is the the FFB for me it’s installing now, if it does then thank you to CM for addressing that quickly, just now will you please concentrate on fixing the bigger issues with the game!!!!
  14. @bogani apologies for the assumption dude, I figured I was on a rant and it must have been me 😂😂
  15. I’m happy for them to hold season 2 until they fix the game, and as a humble apology give us a lot of rally content in a season 3 package free of charge, seems to be the only solution unless they somehow fix everything properly in the next patch, either way that’s still going to take some time