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  1. Shmeefly

    McRae DLC problem

    @PJTierney my apologies, as it turns out it was fine, as it should be, I was using the winter tyres for the second stint, but to reach the required time you need to pick softs and just deal with the ice when your on it, cheeky, throwing me off there by adding an irrelevant tyre choice for the challenge, this dlc is going to annoy a lot of players That said, players have reported a time glitch, which seems to resolve itself by restarting the game, you can find any details on the DR2 threads on psnp, doesn’t seem like too much of an issue when you can just restart By the way, thanks for fixing the windscreen wipers (manual only) finally 😉 also the improvements to rain etc on the windscreen is much much better than before, this is the best rally game ever made and I cannot WAIT for DR3, go easy on the very hard challenges next time tho eh?
  2. Shmeefly

    McRae DLC problem

    @PJTierney yea the difficulty for very hard (set at 91) should be spiked for players that don’t own wheels and have to use controllers, I know a lot of devs think a controller is as fast as a wheel set up but the effort required has to be god like, and in some cases it just isn’t, meaning your catering to the 0.01% of gamers, if you want to make it insanely hard past (91) by all means but give pad users a fair chance at completing it The event in question is the 1998 Monte Carlo event, its just too much, with my skill I’ve been able to do all up to this on very hard at (91) with not too much difficulty but I’m quite good at the game, 1992 Scotland had me beat for a full day of trying but eventually learned the stage well enough and put in a good effort, so they’ve not been a walk in the park by any means (as it should be on v hard) but then with this I’m miles off the required pace, it feels like the devs have just decided to increase the difficulty from 91 to 110 here by default, with a controller here you just can’t do the stage times pros with wheels are doing, can you get back to me and let me know if this is being looked into, I haven’t done any of the later events after this so I’m not sure if you’ve made them progressively harder as you get through them but something has to be done with this event for sure, thanks
  3. Shmeefly

    McRae DLC problem

    First of all, thank you Codemasters for a challenging but fun dlc, I’ve lost weight doing these challenges on very hard, I’m using a DualShock4 too so I’ve got my work cut out for me, I’ve finished The Early Years, Rising Star, and most of World Champion on very hard (91 difficulty) but I feel like there may be a bit of a tuning issue with the difficulty regarding the Subaru Impreza S4, specifically the 1998 Monte Carlo event, all of the challenges in this vehicle are tougher than the rest, and that’s saying something, but this Monte Carlo event is impossible, i know I’ve nailed the stages but I’ve never seen the class leader move like that on any stage, I’m almost 40 seconds off the required time and considering every challenge up to his has kept the same level of difficulty, this one may need to be looked at, thanks though for an awesome DLC, I feel like I’m doing Colin proud every time I finish one ☝️ please do look into the Impreza S4 events @PJTierney
  4. Thanks for letting know, I’m a trophy hunter so I’m used to grinding for the platinums, this will take time and be rather tedious but I’ve done worse, far worse lol
  5. Ok awesome, won’t feel so worried starting this game now, there was speculation of it being bugged, people spending way too much time grinding it, how long does this take now there’s a proper tracker
  6. So there is now a progress tracker for this trophy?
  7. Shmeefly

    Pure sim

    I hope that future titles go more sim related, not that I’m knocking the gameplay because if Codemasters know how to do one thing perfectly it’s raw racing and, but DR2 almost felt like it had a few tweaked assists that couldn’t be turned off, but mainly it’s not the driving that’s the issue, for me it’s the cockpit cameras, we need an option to custom move the camera like you do in F1, I would like to change the field of view etc in camera options properly secondly the camera that was placed behind the front seats needs to return, even if it’s just for replays, miss that view from D4 also a big must for me is MASSIVE improvements to the physics and visuals of the windscreens, for example, if I have wipers on manual, and don’t use them, the full screen should be getting dirty all over to the point where I’m driving blind until I use them, I could drive full stages on DR2 without ever using the wipers and the dirt was firstly non existent and collected on the screen in a way that looked like the wipers were on, D4 had much better visuals on the windscreen I hope CM look to that game to inspire them for future titles which brings me to my next point, manual wipers, CM I know at some point one of your team will be trading this, this has been a request for the last 3 rally titles, in options, if we set the wipers to manual, they must be off at the start of a stage by default, only able to be used manually, not automatically set on.... please better co driver calls, please please please, not that they don’t do a good job, it’s that they just sound like they’re sat in a quiet room reading through the notes, I want a some urgency, adrenaline, between notes, some extra audio, push push push etc just a bit more realistic and creative? whatever the next game, NO MORE BUGGED TROPHIES, keep up the great racing CM, hope this helps 🙂
  8. Anyone been playing Monte Carlo yet, nice to see it updated but damn I have to say, the graphics for snowfall are absolutely ATROCIOUS, it snows like it’s a PS2 game, I’d rather have a graphics overhaul at this point 😒 the surfaces look nice, the environment looks okay, the cars (exterior) don’t And the damage visuals are also laughable, go hit a few walls with the Audi S1 and look at how awful the damage visuals look, and interior could definitely look more polished, but the weather visuals, it’s 2019 I’ve never seen snow look this bad? Maybe this is why fog didn’t make it into DR2.0 even though it looked great in D4!!
  9. It certainly does look that way, or maybe a mix from DR and D4 seeing has half of the D4 locations made it into the main game, if you ask me they need to add all of those plus another 3 NEW in a season 3, because anyone who’s purchased DR and D4 is basically getting screwed, £70 for just 3 new locations so far, and I have to say, the number of cars across all the Dirt games has been kind of abysmal, when they announced DR2 would have dlc I got excited, and we get 5..... most of which are ALREADY in the previous games.... what I need to know is why were all of DR and D4 cars not in base game, and dlc giving 5 brand new never before seen cars, ie; Toyota Celica GT4 one of the most iconic rally cars that has missed EVERY Dirt game, but instead we pay to get recycled content which again, should be there already, it’s on a HDD just load it in, not entirely sure what my hard earned cash is supposed to be funding!!! At least in dlc terms
  10. I want those cars too, but whaaaaat, the 306 MAXI is amazing, add them all I say
  11. I hope new content isn’t wasted on RX, RX is good filler and adds more choice but Rally is the main attraction of the game, I wouldn’t mind the rest of DR1 and D4 locations added if they don’t plan on new locations, but on top of that a return of Hillclimb in addition, rather that over RX even if the RX is new content
  12. Seeing as all of the above is already game made, and sat on a hard drive in Codemasters office somewhere, my vote is to add all of it, then to add a season 3 with all new content
  13. puoi usare google traduttore e tradurre ciò che dici in inglese e copiare il testo nel tuo post, non sono sicuro che ci siano molti giocatori che capiranno cosa stai dicendo, a meno che non abbiano il tempo di usare il traduttore, più facile per te farlo una volta che tutti leggono di doverlo fare, il forum è principalmente inglese 🙂
  14. I completely agree, made a point of this in my post as well