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  1. I had to edit the
    (E:\[Games]\DirtRally2.0\)...steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\input\devices\device_defines.xml
    file to get my Controller working again.

    Maybe adding or editing the files in 
    (E:\[Games]\DirtRally2.0\)...steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\input\actionmaps
    can help to. I didn't do it, because I used a exisitng file in there for my virttual Joystick problem.


    1. T3ddy


      yes thanks, i add this line in mine for Leo Bodnar card:

      <device id="{10A01DD2-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name="Logitech® G25 Shifter" priority="100" type="handbrake" />

      Thanks for your message !

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