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  1. Ahh, now that I've seen a few comments, I think Code masters are really kind of not utilizing this at all with F1. I love the game btw.

    I just think it is something that is already there in the game/sim, and if they just added a little guidance, it would definitely bring a whole 'nother' aspect of the real deal as far as strategy goes. 

    I know there have to people playing that are just waiting until components are clapped out and then replacing them.

  2. 51 minutes ago, janbonator said:

    I do, always. In the menus it will show "pending" but once you hit the track in FP3 you will have the new components.

    So is this the way it would be in actual F1? I was thinking more about allocation and how the real teams 'dispurse' the different units through the season.

    It sure does make a HUGE difference on lap times once you get a few races in with career or my team modes!

  3. I +1 every comment so far. Either call it a sim or call it arcade and stick by it!

    F1 fans in general are pretty hardcore.

    People might use T cam  beause its an advantage, but I guarantee everybody that participates in online events or E sport, will adapt to cockpit (if not prefer it) because that's what Codies decided. Period .

    That's only if Codies have the balls to actually do it. I would bet my left nut (no pun) that it will have zero effect on sales.

    Thr People that are going to play F1 competitively are going play regardless weather its T Cam or Cockpit view. Why not make the 'correct' view for the sport the only option?

    If anything it will give the title more credibility in the E sports community. It seems that was a major focus on this years title anyways.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  4. On 8/8/2019 at 8:35 AM, ShelbyUSA said:

    Mapping additional buttons is easy, sorta. I have been using a Thrustmaster TS-XW. You can also turn on a second controller and map additional buttons. As a result, this frees up all the buttons I need on my wheel.

    On my controller, I map:

    LS Brake Bias UP/DWN

    LS Diff Right/Left

    RS MFD Controls


    Ive been doing the same thing for awhile now. Its definitely better than not having enough buttons to map everything.

    One tip for you though. Try turning the controller the other way so the bumpers/triggers are facing you. Then map brake and diff to them. Basically-

    RB=bias +   RT=bias -  etc.

    A lot easier and faster!

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