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    Manual start buggy?

    Why not just map it to the DRS/PIT button?
  2. If it wasn't already mentioned use a controller to map some of the buttons to and mount it where you can reach it. I have it mounted on the wheel stand and flip it so the bumpers/triggers are facing g me. I bind the diff and brake bias to them and hace MFD and a few others on the face buttons. This leaves the wheel buttons open for fuel/ERS.
  3. Skye68

    Race strategy tyre selection

    I never noticed that. Usually you're only look I g at the MDF for a split second at a time during a race or you hit the wall! Good to know.
  4. Skye68

    Race strategy tyre selection

    I also wonder about this and also have a bunch of other questions regarding initial weekend tire selection. Hope some of you seasoned career vets can chime in
  5. Skye68

    problems with f1 2019 ps4 steering wheel

    BTW- A lot of people don't like using enhanced either. They don't like the way it instantly cuts all the feed back off. I used to play with it on but after having it off for awhile, If any go back to ON. Just doesn't feel right or realistic. I've tried a few times but my opinion is OFF is the way to go
  6. Skye68

    problems with f1 2019 ps4 steering wheel

    Play with initial FFB vs. Dampener. Try FFB lower (50ish) +/- with high Dampener (15-30ish) And also try FFB up like 110+ and low Dampener maybe 0-5. Hope this gives you an idea at least. Also I run the wheel at 270° But that's personal preference
  7. Skye68

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    Ive wondered this myself. I'm a wheel user but looking at the setup apps, a lot are based on pad. From what I can tell they are pretty close, but honestly the only ones who can really say are the people that use both. There are definitely a few (at least) who do.
  8. Skye68

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    I kind of think The 'Mario Cart' view comment sums it up
  9. Skye68

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    I +1 every comment so far. Either call it a sim or call it arcade and stick by it! F1 fans in general are pretty hardcore. People might use T cam beause its an advantage, but I guarantee everybody that participates in online events or E sport, will adapt to cockpit (if not prefer it) because that's what Codies decided. Period . That's only if Codies have the balls to actually do it. I would bet my left nut (no pun) that it will have zero effect on sales. Thr People that are going to play F1 competitively are going play regardless weather its T Cam or Cockpit view. Why not make the 'correct' view for the sport the only option? If anything it will give the title more credibility in the E sports community. It seems that was a major focus on this years title anyways. Just my 2 cents.
  10. @StryderIT Maybe as far as Lucas Weber etc. you could do something LuKas Webber or is it not that simple?
  11. Please please @AlexTT Can you post another download link. Would be much appreciated! Thanks
  12. Neutral should be another motion to use just like on the real wheels. Maybe hold the downshift paddle for 1.5 seconds after first. If that's a problem then just get rid of neutral all together. Even that would be more realistic. I genuinely hate that this has not been implemented along time ago. Please fix. It would be so easy to do
  13. Skye68


    Umm.. So now what?
  14. I wish there were a lot more helpful posts like this on the forum, instead of so much complaining all the time!
  15. Skye68

    Haze is overdone?

    With all the problems with this game, I hate to have even one more but these guys are right. Im on One X with the same problem. It definitely washes out all the awesome colors that Codies seem to have spent so much time on.
  16. Skye68

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    What? You trying to say that Americans sound like robots? LoL
  17. Ive been doing the same thing for awhile now. Its definitely better than not having enough buttons to map everything. One tip for you though. Try turning the controller the other way so the bumpers/triggers are facing you. Then map brake and diff to them. Basically- RB=bias + RT=bias - etc. A lot easier and faster!
  18. Skye68

    Developing Good Setups

    There is a free app on Google play called 'PRX Sim Racing Setups' Its a really good place to start. It simplifies everything you need to get started doing your own setups. And remember ALWAYS... only change one thing at a time!
  19. I originally was using the F1 add on, but ai honestly think the rotary dials are way to slow for ERS. I just switched to the new "Open wheel add on" (the PC Racer wheel) and the buttons are night and day better than the old F1 add ons buttons. Also, using a standard controller as a 2nd or "button box" has helped a ton to make more room on the wheels button layout. I have it velcro'd next to my wheel with the triggers/bumpers facing me so I can push them like a standard button. I have bias and diff on them.