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    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Also I was really hoping for R5 Fiesta mk8... I'm glad they gave us season 3&4, but i expected more. Anyway season 3 is must buy.
  2. Wellwh0

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    I hoped we will see MINI Countryman from DIRT 1.0. Hope they surprise us with season 5. Season 4 is meh... only rallycross stuff which I don't play much.
  3. Driving for a few days now with manual. It is better. But I think things like this shouldn't happen with AAA game...
  4. Pacenotes on many places are wrong, too early or too late. In most cases too early. No matter how early or late I set up calls it just dosen't feel right. On some fast stages where turn goes after turn, sometimes there is no calls at all for some turns, feels scary going 180kmh. 😃 On Monte Carlo, driving with auto transmission, cars short shift around 4k rpm... When will this game be finally polished out. 🙄
  5. Wellwh0

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    I think game came out unpolished, like many games this days. I blame that to internet because all games nowdays are connected to internet, and then patch after patch is coming out. Overall driving experience I find a bit unrealistic. AI in career mode is sometimes lunatic, dosen't take in consideration road conditions. Water textures on cars and cabin looked better in Dirt 1.0. FWD cars are powersliding with all four wheels on taramc? Sometimes on mud i feel like cars are just floating..!? ..don't know. Other thing that I don't like is there isn't much stages, without "Deluxe" you kind of only get skeleton without meat; and for now I find price of Deluxe a bit steep to upgrade, considering all this child illnesses game have.
  6. Will seasons be available to buy sepearately? I don’t want deluxe version.
  7. Wellwh0

    Inconsistent A.I

    H1 FWD is beatable at PRO but R2 is unbeatable in my humble opinion at least in my experience. Haven't yet drove RWD at PRO.
  8. Wellwh0

    Into Darkness

    Every third stage AI gives me is 3AM start I feel. To cook it up, it mixes up with heavy rain on 15km stage in Argentina. It feels like I'm driving blind. 😝 At same time AI drives at PRO champinship like it's on Autobahn. It doesn't give single ****.
  9. Wellwh0

    Inconsistent A.I

    Open and Clubman for me were easy with MINI and Fluvia. But now PRO is unbeatable. I can't even make it to top ten, on some rallies top twenties. After I entered Pro, Daily AI challenge became more difficult too. I'm driving now R2 Fiesta (because I was tired of slow MINI) in Pro which isn't that different from a MINI, maybe little faster. Now difference between Clubaman and Pro is unimaginable, I don't know how somebody beats AI. Almost every stage I do clean (no crashes), maybe I miss some entering lines here and there. But AI is beating me more than minute, sometimes almost two. Seems like there is no middle ground. I decided to give it a brake until they patch it up, if they ever will. Maybe they intended it to be like that.
  10. Wellwh0

    Inconsistent A.I

    True. Weather conditions feel unaffected at all...
  11. Wellwh0

    Inconsistent A.I

    Yeah kind of regret buying it early. Maybe Codemaster should have delay it. Because now it’s bad experience.
  12. Wellwh0

    Inconsistent A.I

    AI is messed up, but maybe I’m wrong!? I have experience in Dirt 4 and Dirt rally, but at 2.0 AI is too difficult. At Clubman rally championship, every rally I was first and I led at some rallies by a 1 minute or more!! Now on Pro I’m 20th - 25th!? I think there is too big difference between clubman and pro championship