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  1. KreuZenNL

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Sure. It's still there. 😩
  2. KreuZenNL

    Grid line up

    Is this also fixed in the latest update?
  3. KreuZenNL

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Is this fix only for single player qualify bug? What about the hot lap bug in multiplayer? Still nothing?
  4. Next: BTCC licence
  5. Next : BTCC licence
  6. KreuZenNL

    Season 3 - Is it a final season?

    I hope we get some DLC. Trackpacks with classic English tracks like Donington and classic European tracks like Spa and Catalunya. Or classic Grid tracks like Jarama, Istanbul park and Chicago. I would pay for it, no problem.
  7. KreuZenNL

    The future of Grid

    From the latest Codies Racing Line : "That’s all we have to share for now." Is there hope for more later. Maybe some DLC?
  8. KreuZenNL

    My car changes colour in multiplayer

    No it has not
  9. KreuZenNL

    Patch notes februari

    Fingers crossed. Heard it before. BTW I read nothing about the wrong starting line-up after hotlapping when someone enters or leaves the session.
  10. KreuZenNL

    Patch notes februari

    Patch notes februari 6 - "Players can now correctly choose and change liveries during Multiplayer events" Patch notes februari 24 - "Fix for Hot lap joining issue grid placement." Both are still not fixed. I think we have to accept this dev team is unable to fix these issues.
  11. KreuZenNL

    Grid line up

    And still......nothing changed
  12. Me and my friends get this message a lot lately. We are connected to psn but the game says we are not. Is this a server problem? Or something with psn. Who has this problem also?
  13. KreuZenNL

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    They said the last update would fix this. But it didn't. Not surprised though. I think their best people are working on dirt 2.0 and the.. ah just forget it.
  14. KreuZenNL

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    And now you can't see what tracks the host has choosen. The tracks from the previous session keep shown. No matter what you do you can not see the new tracks.