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  1. And now you can't see what tracks the host has choosen. The tracks from the previous session keep shown. No matter what you do you can not see the new tracks.
  2. Finally , after community feedback and rigorous testing, there have been substantial changes to Mul tiplayer and Freeplay modes. What changes? @CMTGK
  3. What are you saying; only 1 track? You are kidding, right.
  4. When you join a lobby you can spectate. Then you can see a track map with the position of each racer. You can switch between the map and a time table. Would be great of you could choose between these two during the race, so you can see the position of others on the map or the difference in times.
  5. I know Grid isn't a sim but a bit more tuning would be great like in Grid Autosport. That wasn't a sim either but had more options and more precise tuning.
  6. Because I like Jarama and Donington. Not saying that I wouldn't like new tracks. But knowing Codemasters that's a big demand.
  7. I like the game. Would like new tracks also by the way. If you don't like the game why are you still here?
  8. I hope they release a classic track pack later as season 4. With Jarama, Instanbul park, Donington and Cota. We need more tracks.
  9. Good to hear.👍 Last night I had to change the car 10 times to get the right livery.🤪
  10. Thanks codies and Chris. Great cars and great track. Just what are the improvements exactly? Livery problem solved? Random car when entering lobby? Can you tell more?
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