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  1. KreuZenNL

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    Here we go again. A new f1 game and again nothing about a new grid. I am afraid it will never happen. All Codemasters do is rally and f1. Why Codies?
  2. KreuZenNL

    WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread

    Codemasters wanted to focus on race games. They did f1 and rally games so far. But what about touringcars, gt cars, open wheel etc. I really don't understand them. I believe there is a large market for a good track race game.
  3. KreuZenNL


    Yes new grid please. We are waiting waiting and waiting. You can do it Codemasters. Rally fans are happy now make the griders happy.
  4. KreuZenNL

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    I totally agree. I like the dirt games but I like circuit racers more. It's been a long time Codemasters, please give us a new grid game. Grid Autosport 2.0 would be great. I'm sure it will sell lots of copies.