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  1. KreuZenNL

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    When you join a lobby you can spectate. Then you can see a track map with the position of each racer. You can switch between the map and a time table. Would be great of you could choose between these two during the race, so you can see the position of others on the map or the difference in times.
  2. Bugs Fix for Hot lap joining issue grid placement. This was supposed to be fixed in the last update. Why does it still occur?
  3. On ps4 also. Make a mistake in hotlap, leave and you will start in front of DSQ players.
  4. Happened to me also a few times. Ps4
  5. KreuZenNL

    [Stadia] Statistics wrong

    Ps4 also. They're working on a fix.
  6. Also still a problem on playstation 4.
  7. KreuZenNL

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    About Alonso. What was the purpose of getting him involved in this game other then his name on an AI-car. Would the game be worse without him?
  8. I am sure Codemasters will surprise us with extra tracks in season 3 after all the bugs and glitches we have/had to put up with. Right @CMTGK?
  9. KreuZenNL

    Incorrect lap times?

    This happens on playstation 4 also. Black car/time. And also "time remaining" notification while everybody is finished in hotlap. Also is this in the wrong place because you can't read the time of the second fastest.
  10. KreuZenNL

    Multiplayer Features and Game Issues

    We need tuning between races like in GAS. Maybe 20 seconds between races to set up your car. It worked in Autosport so why not now. Btw you can kick players out of the lobby in Grid 2019. In GAS you could also pick a new host.
  11. KreuZenNL

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    See pictures below