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  1. KreuZenNL

    Joining lobby random car

    When I want to join a lobby which is in session I have to wait for the current race to end. When the race is finished I can join. So far so good. But you get a random car from that class. Even a car you don't own. Why isn't it possible the choose a car while you're waiting for the race to end. Or at least get a car you own. This only happens in lobbies with multiple races of course.
  2. KreuZenNL

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    No not the host. Happens to a lot of friends in the lobby
  3. Great to hear! Good work Codemasters and of course Chris.
  4. KreuZenNL

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    It also happens on ps4. Right livery but wrong colors. Multiplayer. Controller.
  5. KreuZenNL

    Free Play improvements (Grid 2019)

    This all sounds nice but why do Codemasters only listen to the players after the game is released. Before the game was released Codemasters should have asked what the players would like. "Do you want custom lobbies?". " Do you want weekly/monthly challenges?" "What tracks and how many would you like?" "Do you want quick match lobbies?". Now you say some changes are impossible to realize. What about the future? If there will be a new grid on ps5, will you ask us before you start programming what the community wants or are you gone make the same mistakes again. Curious.
  6. KreuZenNL

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    This game is far from complete.
  7. KreuZenNL

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    I play grid almost every night with a group of good and fair players. Mostly 4 to 10 good players. It is so much fun. But we need more tracks. Only 1 track per season is not enough. We want famous tracks like Spa, Donington and red bull ring. Also we miss the daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Just keep it exciting. And off course the public custom lobbies. Why does it take so long to implement this?
  8. Will the leaderboards be deleted again when the new patch arrives? Because last time all the times were deleted.
  9. Yes correct. But other 2 are in dirt.
  10. I still think only 1 track in season 1 is very poor. Compared to previous grid games. And re-used track even. Paris is nice track but I was expecting something new. The cars are also re-used from other games. I hope season 2 brings something new and surprising. Like Donington and Spa.
  11. KreuZenNL

    Crash reports and resulting steps - updates here

    Was hoping this had something to do with Grid. Maybe adding public custom lobbies. But no it's for f1 2019. Again disapointed.
  12. KreuZenNL

    Where is this location

    Don't care much about trees. No time to look at them. What we need is more tracks. Old or new.
  13. KreuZenNL

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    And nothing from Codemasters...