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  1. Yes correct. But other 2 are in dirt.
  2. I still think only 1 track in season 1 is very poor. Compared to previous grid games. And re-used track even. Paris is nice track but I was expecting something new. The cars are also re-used from other games. I hope season 2 brings something new and surprising. Like Donington and Spa.
  3. KreuZenNL

    Crash reports and resulting steps - updates here

    Was hoping this had something to do with Grid. Maybe adding public custom lobbies. But no it's for f1 2019. Again disapointed.
  4. KreuZenNL

    Where is this location

    Don't care much about trees. No time to look at them. What we need is more tracks. Old or new.
  5. KreuZenNL

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    And nothing from Codemasters...
  6. KreuZenNL


    I guess they tested the track and found some glitches, so now they are patching it.😜
  7. KreuZenNL

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    Happened to me also. Game freezes after career race.
  8. KreuZenNL

    Xbox issues following GRID patch - updates here

    Testing? At Codemasters they don't know what that is, testing.
  9. KreuZenNL


    Eand a new circuit (the latter being available to all players, A new circuit? Really, one circuit. You are joking right? Was expecting at least three. For all this mess you created with this unfinished game and the problems with the patches you owe us at least 3 extra tracks.
  10. KreuZenNL

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    I agree, we need public custom lobbies.
  11. KreuZenNL

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

  12. KreuZenNL

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    You can play online without Ai.
  13. All they have to do is play every previous grid game. Sit down together and play each game for 1 hour. Make notes what you think is good and what is to be improved. Then start working on a new Grid so you can only make it better then previous games. Easy.
  14. KreuZenNL

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    Also, is there a way to clean the car. The car gets very dirty but you can't wash it like we could in order Codemasters games. Or did I mis something?
  15. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Custom lobbies please
  16. KreuZenNL

    where to buy ??

    I pre ordered the weeks ago but the gamestore didn't receive the ultimate edition at all. Maybe tomorow they said. Hoping for the best. Very disapointed.
  17. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    Really like this one. Wish it was in the game.
  18. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    Why no Mercedes?
  19. Over the years Grid had some great racing tracks. I liked Jarama and Istanbul. Would be great to see them back. Also would like to see more English tracks like Thruxton. And ofcourse Zandvoort. What tracks would you guys want to see?
  20. KreuZenNL

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    The reflection should be 1 corner earlier. Somehow they misplaced it.
  21. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    We can change liverys etc but can we change the wheels? Not seen it on YouTube.
  22. KreuZenNL

    Your Favourite Grid Game So Far?

    Honestly I liked them all. I play 99 % of the time multiplayer and if you have a group of good and fair players that's the most important and then you have fun anyway. Played the first grid a lot online and also Autosport. But it is very important to have a group of good and fair players in multiplayer.
  23. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    You are right. Also, I saw a Ford Falcon supertourer in one of the clips on YouTube but it never was in any carlist sofar. Strange. Maybe the Civic and the Falcon are dlc after they release the game.
  24. KreuZenNL

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    Honda Civic super modified