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  1. I purchased Dirt Rally 2.0 a few days ago, and finally got a chance to sit down for a few hours with it today. And it was really good fun, until I lost all my championship progress - twice! I really cannot understand the rationale of including an online-sync component in the single player championship - that said - it's begrudgingly tolerable if it works. What I absolutely cannot understand is the thought process that designed it in such a way that it completely deletes the client data if there's a discrepancy between the client and the cloud. I've coughed up £45 for something that doesn't work, and I'm finding it hard to swallow that the only reason it doesn't work is because of this poxy cloud save implementation (that as far as I can tell adds nothing to the experience). Please - for the love of criminy - sort it out. I think my head is going to explode from how ridiculous this is.