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  1. willemwelten

    RX Group B Audi Quattro

    I think that it wil be very cool if the Audi Quattro will added to the RX group B. What do you think guys???
  2. willemwelten

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Hi, I noticed something today since Germany RX is available: In combination with Dirt Rally 2.0 Day one edition (PS4) I normaly get the update for free with the Season pass. But today I saw that I needed to pay in the playstore for the Germany RX. Might this be a bug?? Thanks for anwering!
  3. After every shakedown and every stage in rally the car will be cleaned completely so that the car is clean at the next start. The same happens in rallycross: after each qualification and every race the car is cleaned. Too bad, I think it's cool to see how the cars get dirty during the ride. At Dirt 4 it was optional to clean the car, is it possible to get this option back in the new Dirt 2.0?