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  1. PabloJoglar

    Online Pitstops

    This is going to be, at least in my view, one of the biggest problems when it comes to league/online racing in the F1 2020 game. With new handling model making the cars more easy to drive, skill gap is massively reduced, making the online league racing grids so tight. Also, new SC that came at late F1 2019 makes it more ‘appearable’ in the game, which, sometimes, everyone’s gotta pit at the same time. Being stuck because your teammate’s in the pits, and not only that, being held THAT long as we get now is a real deal/problem. Sometimes in league racing your race is going to be freaked up because a bug or a thing that shouldn’t be really like that in the game, where in most league races you don’t really care about your teammate so the argument that that is the realistic thing to happen is not valid. This will also make people go for the Williams car in league competitions because it has a HUGE advantage as it is the last car in the pitlane and you’re less probable to not-get held up in the pits. So, everyone is not really in equal conditions. We really need an option to turn this thing around, and not only that, we need it ASAP, for the goodness of league racing and competitive Esports racing. That’s my petition right here. Hoping to get this problem solved, Pablo.
  2. PabloJoglar

    Spanish Commentators

    In my opinion, great games are made because of great details, and this is one of them. It’s been a long time since we haven’t had the Spanish announcers on the F1 games, to be more exact, since the F1 Championship Edition game on the PS3 console, released 13 years ago. Spanish narrator Antonio Lobato is the one who has been there almost always for us, he’s the face (or the bald, because he’s got no hair since he started on it) of the F1 here in Spain. In addition to him, Pedro de la Rosa has been always there when he wasn’t actually driving on the grid, and nowadays, we have a perfect third compliment in Toni Cuquerella, former engineer for HRT, BMW Sauber, Ferrari... Ok, so now with this introduction, I want to request my petition. Get them in the game. Straight to the point. Why? Let’s have a look. As we all know, Fernando Alonso, the guy who made this country interested in this sport, is coming back. This is huge, to the point that the interest in F1 has been increased here with him not even driving yet. And Carlos Sainz, who as you all know aswell, is signing with Ferrari for next year, another big deal aswell. I know it probably there is (or I think so) some issues in getting them to the game because it may cost Codemasters an extra money that maybe you were not willing to spend all this years since you took over the F1 Games license. But having some generic narrators (and in my opinion, horrible) for our country is so bad. Specially seeing Holland, for example, getting the real commentator in the game, or at least I think it’s like that nowadays. As I explained in all of this post I think I gave some arguments to why you should implement them into the game. In complete seriousness, at least not having Antonio Lobato is like a crime, he’s been always there narrating, apart from a few years where he took a break, and hearing another generic dude in the introductions makes it so strange and unrealistic with the cutscenes, and, as I said, details make the difference. Hoping that Codemasters sees this, Pablo.
  3. PabloJoglar

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I expect the admins to put a message when all the codes are out. Because at the moment some people already know they are in and by the messages of Barry I expect that everyone that should be in it’s not in but yeah just to not give us “non existing” hopes
  4. PabloJoglar

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I hope they still have to give some more people access because I’m not in :(
  5. PabloJoglar

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Waiting for the beta whenever it comes 🙂