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  1. "Your account needs to be linked before you can sign in with this method. Log into the front-end to complete this and then try again." A friend has this problem when he tries to enter the forums. He plays on PC and he has linked his Steam account but everytime he tries to enter that message stops him from doing so. If its necessary I will give his username to any admins/moderators. Thank you in advance! @BarryBLmaybe you can help?
  2. oof, that is not ideal.
  3. It needs to be done. I understand thay maybe FOM does not like the idea of cars being damaged and sponsors not seen, but in some form it has to be a way of getting rear wing damage. Not even mentioning sidepods, normally when you hit them they are a bit damaged, why does it not affect the cars pace? At least it should be in simulation mode! Rear wing could be damaged the same way its not even needed that it breaks down if its not possible, but at least to get damage.
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