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  1. Decided to run this event waiting for the Monte coverage to began for the day. That Tanak wreck was a nasty one. This was a fairly easy going ride we did have one spin that cost some time and after stage 1 I had a crash to desktop send error report. Not fun🤔 Anyway was a little suprised with the gaps I didnt think the renault would be the best here with the turbo lag. Take cae guys enoy Monte!
  2. Great run! @ApexAzimuth i lost all focus on last stage...wasnt meant to be
  3. Got my run in was enjoying the battle with @MongoJon [VR] shame he had issues hes one of the best in sweden. I almost threw it all away on power stage just lost focus I guess. Nice power stage @Dytut😉 So I'll wait and see what @ApexAzimuth has up his sleeve. Take care guys
  4. Which one you using the rift s isnt great but I personally haven't found anything that works great
  5. Almost forgot wall riding too on the parts with no wooden fence can create time gaps here and definitely at Spain. Again I'm not accusing @Snoopy43 but this is another possibility for time gaps. Hope this helps! I'll try to make it out on the snow at Sweden with you guys been busy
  6. The reason I ask I cant pull up the clubs site racenet must be having issues. But I would say this. First @Snoopy43 is a very fast driver seen him near top on many leaderboards however I've seen from past monte daily's weekly's etc. you can actually be very quick on time gaps on those long stages with the snow having assists on in particular traction control. Now people will say traction control will slow you down this is true but with winter tires on your gonna almost makeup for time loss on dry parts where softs are best and on the snow it will help with throttle control in the tight snowy b
  7. Are those stages where you lost alot of time the long ones with most snow cover?
  8. That's the spirit nice to see ya @Loeinc hope you enjoy the events @SkyRex is a great event organizer and dont worry about having competition plenty of talent in this group😉
  9. Yes as @Dytut said thanks for all the hard work setting up @SkyRex! I will also be taking a part time role in this championship but will pop in from time to time😉
  10. I decided to pick the H3 car class category. Mix it up a little bit
  11. Finally wanna thank SkyRex for another amazing championship format! I also enjoyed your christmas tree pickup video for Christmas very entertaining! Happy New Year to everyone and take care were less than a month from new WRC season!
  12. Hey I also wanted to shout at I just realized your also in another league I run but if I get option for next car pick I'll ask about red for sure.
  13. Yes same here sir! This is my favorite location and yes if you are willing to push hard you can really make big time gaps. I knew after reading your post from last rally this may as well be your favorite and sure enough very fast pace! Hopefully will have more close battles in the future take care!
  14. Great championship bro! Enjoyed the battles and watching the progression of everyone's talent. I do believe we were fortunate that mongojon and snoopy didn't run all the rallies as the final standings I believe would show different. Nevertheless we both pushed each other to new limits and I thank you for that!
  15. We didnt push hard enough in stage 1 i lost 3 seconds prob in stage 2 mishearing pacenote and stage 3 we had half roll reset to track...i dont know how much time loss is reset i dont have any hud on. Will see what happens nerves got to me unfortunately. Snoopy is real fast too
  16. Yeah buddy you've been impressive for sure! And yes they have set a high benchmark. Good luck and it's been a great championship!
  17. Yes I didn't like that brake mod it came with. This is a separate systemhttps://www.ricmotech.com/Load_Cell_Kit_for_Thrustmaster_Pedals_p/rmt-lc500.htm
  18. Apex if you do get the t3pa pedals I highly recommend the load cell kit for the brake you can find them multiple places I bought mine from ricmotech.com very cool guy great customer service hes out of florida.
  19. You'll get it just some time patience and elbow grease😄 Happy Holidays Everyone!
  20. That's a shame you were flying! I used the softs.
  21. Btw I looked at results again looked like snoopy could've had this but he never goes after stage 3 I wonder what happened he was right there
  22. Nice I thought about upgrading my t300 to the ts-pc racer FFB pretty solid?
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