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  1. Suteki83

    Thank you for listening to us, Codies :)

    Yeh seema everything (well still no Steam Workshop) but all else seems fixed!
  2. Suteki83

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Remastered Sweet Lamb

    Do we know what the next track DLC is? Hoping for Greece or Finland
  3. How you can use the face buttons is beyond me. I just retired my Xbox360 controller as the gimbal deadzone was all out of whack, bought an Xbox One S controller and the spongy triggers are driving me mental because the dont give enough resistence and thats bad enough, using facebuttons would be impossible.
  4. No, god noooo!!!!
  5. Suteki83

    Flat right at jump!

    Yeh Ive had more than a few of moments; come up over crest "oh btw immediate square left after crest" *flies off road "Yeh, cheers for the warning mate"
  6. Suteki83

    Career mode AI on elite level

    I dont really understand how the difficulty is supposed to work, you do a solid clean run and its like the AI runs 20sec faster just as an f you. Playing with a controller at Elite level is where I've topped out, as far as rewards go, theres little incentive to actually continue, I'm more or less coming back solely because I love the feel of the driving and therr being new content slowly drip fed, otherwise there'd be no reason to come back. The thing about wanting to continue playing is that dopamine hit you get from being rewarded; its what keeps people coming back to action RPGs where all you really do is click on an enemy and the game does the rest, the sense of progression comes from that next weapon, or that next level. You keep grinding away just for that little 'whats coming next' moment. With this games difficulty combined with a lack of any real career mode, you dont really get that, which is probably one reason people get even more annoyed about hitting a difficulty level then being stuck there. You dont get any more reward as such, you actually just keep getting it hammered into you that no matter how well you think you did, you're nowhere.
  7. Suteki83


    Haha, I just finished a stage nearly 2 minutes behind the leader in Sweden during a white out. Couldnt see a thing. Also had a stage in the previous Poland rally at night in heavy rain, I could see more with the headlights turned off. Doesnt phase the AI tho
  8. Suteki83

    Career mode AI on elite level

    This game is basically; You = Kubica in a Williams AI = Hamilton in a Merc with MarioKart mushrooms
  9. Suteki83

    Focus and Impreza

    Really lpve the Subaru, dont care if ita not the fastest; its so neutral and balanced to drive. It turns in and you can easily balance out the oversteer gradually to get the car where you want it. It just doesnt have any bad tendencies or tries to catch you out with sudden over or understeer.
  10. Suteki83

    Career mode AI on elite level

    I've just accepted it. If you are leading the AI, watch the class leader marker just go straight by you like the timed ghost of them is on a straight going flat out.
  11. Suteki83

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    You're making a false equivalency here.....I'm talking about the fact they had all the data and the majority of work already complete for stages like Monte Carlo and Sweden and that they were held back so they could be sold as DLC. My point is they should have either already been in the game, not resold as DLC. Why would I expect F1 2019 to not use tracks that were in 2016? I've got every F1 title released on PC from 2010 to 2018 so of course I'm expecting the current season tracks to appear whether they were in the previous games or not. I'm not sure you understand the definition of hyperbole...….
  12. Suteki83

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    God no, I hate that rally.....tho I actually wouldnt mind reworked Finland and Greece tbh
  13. Don't often post to developers websites to complain but DR2 is such a headache inducing affair. Having started out with Dirt Rally since the original went online on Steam as early acces, it's like for everything this game does right, there's 2 design decisions to niggle at you that make me want to just load up Dirt Rally 1 instead. Now with over 80hrs played I'm kind of not bothered to touch the game because those niggles are just accumulating to the point I don't even want to turn the game on. - Steam Workshop Where is it? Seriously? Why would you not use Steam Workshop for tuning setups. It's not like you don't know how to implement it, it was in DR1. Most peeps like to just grab a working setup and be done with it. Worked for DR1, completely absent in DR2; why? - Always online Unless you're running an MMO, there's no reason for this. There isn't. Don't tell me it's because of 'piracy' because I'll straight up tell you punishing me as a paying customer for the game aren't interested in hearing it. To authenticate times to make sure no one is using mods or alterations to the game? Don't care, use an Online Only leaderboard then but don't force everyone to have to be online. Server maintenance and you can't play the career mode...but the most annoying is the constant 'Connecting to Racenet.' Enter a menu....connecting to racenet, leave a menu, connecting to racenet….everything you do, connecting to racenet. JFC!! It's like death by a thousand cuts, it's infuriating. Just drop it. - Recycled content I'd say I don't understand why companies do this, but I do, $$$. Make new content for a game, release title, then sell back content that was already in the first game with slight alterations as DLC. Requires minimal effort but good for nickle and diming the customers...…. - Rubbish AI Plenty of topics on this. Once hitting a point in career it's basically not worth coming back unless you like punishing yourself. There just becomes a point where you no longer feel like there is any progression or reward for doing so. It's like hitting a dead end. Like, I absolutely love the way the game plays, but everything around that is just horrible; and it's not like there is any reason for it when most of the issues didn't even exist in the first game! They were actually added to the game......you expect the first one to have those sort of little issues but become more streamlined with the sequel, but it's like you guys took a working game that really only needed tweaking and a few updates and more content and just went out of your way to make it as frustrating as possible
  14. Suteki83

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I was wondering how AI compared to the actual leaderboards….I'm only on Elite given how I go in Daily Events, can only assume most people are stuck either at or one rung below that. It's like the AI takes your time and just subtracts 20 seconds from it for the top 10 cars.
  15. Suteki83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    I find a lot of GTR technicals setups pretry bang on for me, they reward aggressive driving, but maybe because Im using a game pad, Ive found some setups Ive had to tweak just a touch to get rid of some mid corner push; I usually just give the car a little toe out on the front, maybe a touch more camber and lighten up the front roll bar just to get more turn in and grip on the front.