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  1. gravityd9

    Patch Notes

    Supposedly the frequency of night stages was reduced, but testing out a few championships in career mode, I actually had MORE night stages. Before it went through the same progressions... day/sunset/dusk/night. But now what I'm seeing is that instead of the same progression, it sometimes skips one of those. For example, I just had one where it skipped two sunset stages in a row, with the result being that I had day/dusk/night, day/dusk/night, day/sunset/dusk/night... so actually MORE night stages. The next rally was exactly the same old day/sunset/dusk/night progression through every stage, no different from what it was before. If the solution was to keep the same progression but sometimes skip a time of day, then that didn't work. There's only a one in four chance that the time of day skipped will be the night stage, with the result being that there's more damn night stages... exactly the opposite of what people wanted. I will say though that the weather appears to be slightly better. One of the Argentina rallies was actually completely dry for all 10 stages, which is a miracle.