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  1. @Faya I've sent an email to the address specified.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't play the game further because the trial period for it on Steam ran out yesterday, and even though it's 75% off atm, I'm not sure I want to buy it with the random CTDs that kept happening.
  3. After playing the game a bit more, I've noticed there are still random crashes happening. For instance, I started a career mode with Sauber, loaded up FP1 at Australia and after checking the broadcast for about a couple of seconds which was showing AI cars on track, it just crashed back to desktop. No error warnings, it just went all by itself.
  4. Thanks for moving it to the right place. So I've put the frame limiter onto 120FPS. And verified the files through Steam, all good there. With the frame limiter in place, the game actually managed to load the track. And when I tried the benchmarks, I've found that the game works fine with no crashes on the 'Low' and 'Ultra Low' graphics presets. However, at 'Medium' it crashed at Turn 6 in Australia, even though the frame rate was staying relatively stable at over 100 FPS. So I think I'll run it in the 'Low' setting for now.
  5. Sorry, wrong section. I came in through Google not realizing there are multiple "Technical Assistance" topics for each series. My bad.
  6. Hi, I've grabbed F1 2018 on Steam as I'm able to play it for free this weekend and get 75% off it until Monday 18th. So I can load into the menu just fine, but once I load to a track in any game mode it crashes to the desktop. I'm running the latest version on Steam (Version 1.16) and my specs are as follows; Intel i5-2500k @ 3.3 GHz Zotac GTX 970 Windows 10 64-bit This is also not my first Codies F1 game on this PC. I bought F1 2015 last year from the Humble Bundle offer and that game is running perfectly fine on my PC. So I'm not sure how 2015 works but 2018 does not?