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  1. I was running 'time trial' and wanted to close the game and could not. Had to shut down pc while f1 2020 was still running. This afthernoon, in 'My team' did the race in Mexico, achieved my first win, my player kept doing the victory lap, 'place finished 1st' never appeared on screen, could not continue or quit. i had to shut down pc manual while f1 2020 was still running. I tried 'time trial' again and had the same problem. The game some kind of crashes or comes into a loop and you cant do anything anymore except for shutting down your pc while game is stil running. please help.
  2. davidlouwagie

    telemetrie data not woek 90% of the time

    but even just to see the gear, throttle and break... on sim dashboard also does not work. sometimes when i start up f1 2020 it works on sim dashboard but thats only 10% of the time. there are some serious buggs going on with the telemetrie support in f1 2020, cause f1 2019 everything works and other racing titles too
  3. davidlouwagie

    telemetrie data not woek 90% of the time

    the latest one, just downloaded the latest version 2 days ago
  4. It seems to work since yesterday.
  5. The telemetrie data not work on pc 90% of the time, were previous titles do work. Data not seem to work, on my tablet and on simhub even it says on simhub and simdashboard that configuration is perfect connected. Previous f1 titles do work on both systems so i assume its a bug. Thank you for fix.
  6. I bought pitcoins the day before yesterday to be prepared for the launch, and i see they do not appear in game. i bought 11000 pitcoins. On steam it says installed so its a bug in the game.
  7. In my team mode i have every race automatic gears and i've selected manual. this works perfect in other game modes like time trial or grand prix, but not in my team mode.
  8. in my team mode the buttons on my steering wheel do not have the correct input or no input at all. in normal grand prix everything works perfect. button inputs: changing fuel, overtake button and the in game menu while racing can not change / not work.
  9. So i played the previous f1 2019 with my Fanatec DD1 base and Mclaren gt3 wheel. Worked perfect. Now F1 2020 is coming very close to release, i want to upgrade my wheel to the 'Cube Controls Formula Pro' wheel. Since this wheel is not in the list of compatible wheels, but my DD1 base is, will my new wheel work with F1 2020? I need to know this for sure (like if someone tested this out or can test out for me). @developers @codemasters @community Thank you for the reply
  10. @developers @codemasters @dirtrally2.0 Can you please add the Nissan Pulsar rally car to dirt rally 2.0? This car was a beast at his time and it never seen in any rally game (as far i know) except in grand turismo 2. So many legendary rally cars in the past and the Nissan Pulsar was one of them. The Toyota Celica GT four would be a great add to dirt rally 2.0 too. Thank you
  11. davidlouwagie

    Black cloud bug in F1 2019 [R2]

    @RedDevilKT So in game i changed my Mclaren gt3 wheel from fanatec, and attached the fanatec drift rim instead. With the drift rim, everything worked fine. So the problem is with the Mclaren steering wheel from Fanatec and not with you @developers F1 2019. I want to apologize to you @RedDevilKT and developers from f1 2019 for the whole 'bug thing' and my manners. Kind Regards David Louwagie
  12. davidlouwagie

    Black cloud bug in F1 2019 [R2]

    @RedDevilKT Now i started f1 2019 and went to time trial (very difficult to go to time trial) and my downshifts also don't work in time trial. even in the menu i almost can not go from right to left. (downshifts) I don't know whats going on, neither do you guys, since i get no response... My game f1 2019 is ******, almost no downshifts work in either mode. I am really dissapointed
  13. davidlouwagie

    Black cloud bug in F1 2019 [R2]

    More info if you guys need it: I did a Hard reset on my console (deleted everything and started from beginning) but that didn't seem to change anything. My steering wheel: a fanatec DD1 with the Mclaren gt3 rim. (don't think the problem is with the wheel, since in time trial and MP the downshifts work). I had F1 2019 installed on an external HHD, seagate 8TB. Now i deleted again F1 2019 and re-installed it on the internal HD of my xbox one x, where there is nothing else on. I will see in about 2 - 3 days if the bug comes back or not. I hope to hear you @developers @codemasters soon about a solution regarding this problem. David Louwagie.
  14. davidlouwagie

    Black cloud bug in F1 2019 [R2]

    i got more info: On home: 2018 fia formula 2 championship: also almost no downshifts. on solo: championships: championships: almost no downshifts . Legends: Senna vs Prost: almost no downshifts. This has become a serious problem.
  15. davidlouwagie

    Black cloud bug in F1 2019 [R2]

    Today Sunday, just an hour and a half ago, i did some practice on the next career race (hungary) while i was waiting for the weekend mp race to start (in britain). Again, most of the time i had no downshifts!!! I went to my mp race and there i had no problem. Afther the mp race, back to career, started the race and almost no downshifts at all. I had to quit cause this is unplayable. I don't know what to do anymore. I deleted the game, thought it was over and now its back. Everything works perfect in mp and time trial. Except for career. I ask you please help me what to do. I can not all the time delete the game and re-instal every 2 days... @developers @codemasters Thank you