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  1. Norrin78

    Spain Grand Prix

    Yes, I'll give it a try. But last time I tried (that was before update 5), it didn't really change anything.
  2. Norrin78

    Going to just leave this here.

    Nice livery indeed. 😍
  3. Alright. Just to say that I'm back at it and the game feels much better now. Still have some weird races here and then, but overall I really enjoy it once again. IMO, gameplay feels more consistant. Still getting penalized for being rammed into by opponents (AI or players), but I'll survive. Driving assists are much better. Braking assist has been adressed in a lot of curves which is nice. See you on the track.
  4. Norrin78

    Spain Grand Prix

    Hi there, With full driving assists, and a balanced setup of 1497 points, I can't imagine getting under 1:14. Following the racing line exactly, no acceleration hiccups or tricky braking zones the game used to have... I really don't see how, without cheating (corner cutting the chicane?) or maybe by tweaking my setup. But being awarded the 18th position on the grid with that lap time feels pretty harsh to me. We'll see how the race goes tomorrow 😉
  5. That is just how the game feels right now. I've been playing for months, almost everyday, and today, once again, I lost 3 qualifying duels in a row, trailing around 1-1.5 sec behind on the finish line, against opponents with weaker setups (last one add 300 performance points less than me), not making any particular mistake (even beating one lap record in the process)... I just don't get it. I feel like the game depends from invisible tweaks, and I just can't do anything about it, no matter how good or clean I drive. It just feels like russian roulette. Like I wrote in the survey, I won races I probably shouldn't have won, and I lost races I certainly shouldn't have lost. IMO, racegames need clarity, for the player to understand how to improve, accept when he loses and enjoy when he wins. In addition, events are biased by players doing insanely fast laptimes, ruining any interest for fair players. So I think I'll be leaving for a while. Even though I got pretty addicted to it. Cheers,
  6. Norrin78

    Request for a new penalty system

    Another race lost in Suzuka with my opponent sailing through the last chicane without being penalized. Basically, I find it very difficult to increase my SR. Grid start races are a nightmare with AI bot ramming into you at every corner. Sometimes I wish it would be recorded just to show how outrageous the AI can be. Sometimes they overtake you like you're driving a GP2, and 2 corners later, they almost stop on the exit in a way you can't even avoid them. And if you try to have a clean race, well, you lose. So as a fair player, I'm really left heavily frustrated most of the time.
  7. Norrin78

    Request for a new penalty system

    Hi, On numerous occasions, I’m trying to take a clear corner, following the racing line, and I get hit from the inside, thrown out from the track AND getting penalized for it 😳 So, for corner collision, only the car on the inside should be penalized, don’t you think? Just like Kvyat was on the first corner in Shangai last sunday 😎
  8. Not a big deal but I think could be easily fixed: purchased cars don’t touch the ground in the showroom. It’s ugly 😆 If you could lowered them (like the default car), it would look so much better 😎
  9. Norrin78

    Patch 4.5 - now rolling out

    Ok so after a few more races, I’m not sure if the problem comes from brake assist or players getting unfair advantage by going ultra wide in some corners without being penalized. Bottom line is that sometimes I win 3-5 sec ahead and sometimes I trail way behind without really understanding why 🤔 At least I win some 😅
  10. Norrin78

    Patch 4.5 - now rolling out

    Hi, So there seems to be some improvements regarding racing line and brake assist since I can win duels now which I couldn’t do anymore (lost 700 cup points following previous update). But still, on some tracks (Austria-Niki Lauda curves, Monza-Ascari, Suzuka-first turn, Sochi turn 8 at least) I’m fighting toe to toe with my opponent and suddenly, in a single curve or chicane, I lose 1.5-2 sec with no particular mistake on my side which makes me think brake assist problems are not entirely solved. Indeed some things were changed because I end up regularly in the grass on numerous corners I knew exactly how to handle before. Annoying but I’ll just have to adjust I guess. In the end the most important thing for me right now is the brake assist not completely solved. Losing so much time through a single curve against opponents not using brake assist is quite frustrating. Thanks
  11. OK thanks for the answer. Unfortunately it made me stop playing fo now. I'm waiting for the Barhain event (I will learn to handle the track without braking assist in the mean time). And hopefully next update will solve this racing line problem and I'll be back for duels to get my cup points back. Or not 😅
  12. Since last update, there's an obvious problem with auto-acceleration when using braking assist. And I wonder if it's a bug or if it's done on purpose to penalise players using braking assist against those who don't. From the beginning, I use full braking assist to focus on steering. And the game was great like that. Since last update there are obvious acceleration stuttering on some corners exit (you can hear it through motor sound when playing). I did Australia event qualifying with full braking assist and managed to have my best lap in 1:26:400s (not even a bronze time). I tried then with no braking assist and I had no more problem with acceleration (no more stuttering) and managed a lap in 1:23:200s. So this is annoying because it means you can't play duels and win using full braking assist anymore (in fact if your opponent doesn't use braking assist or if it's a bot you have zero chance to win). I had 8700 cup points before the update and now I am below 8100 and there's nothing I can do because those acceleration hiccups just ruin every single race I play. So, if I want to play again, I have to learn to play the game in a completely different way (without braking assist), and I don't like it because I find it too difficult to do when playing on a smartphone (can't imagine racing Monaco without braking assist really). I tried lowering braking assist to medium but problem remains. I get full acceleration only with braking assist disabled. So is it something devs wanted? If it is, please reconsider. If it's not, please fix it. Thanks
  13. Norrin78

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Hi, Been playing F1 mobile on my phone for quite a while now. Managed to get 8700 points cup points, 1382 performance indicator ans 1592 duels raced! I love F1, and the game has a great concept. But it is undermined by numerous problems, all that have been discussed on this forum. Wanted to give my feedback on this last update. Some serious issues have been adressed, and that's great: - grid start duels seem no longer flawed (I used to instant quit because they were unwinable for me, no matter what I did) - penalties seem to be better (getting a penalty for being bumped into by AI drivers was unacceptable) - braking assist seems better in some corners But, I experienced an unprecedented losing streak (2 wins in 20 duels...). Most of the time ending 2-4 seconds behind on the finish line and I don't quite understand why. Matchmaking was weird with opponents from 4500 to 9990 cup points. My lap times are significantly higher than before. So basically, it feels like my car has become garbage. Am I the only experiencing this? Is there some leveling down involved? Because it really doesn't make sense So basically, the game feels better, but I can't win races anymore, that's pretty annoying. Waiting for the Australia event Edit: a few more races with sound enabled and it seems acceleration is flawed. It has hiccups in fast curves. I'm steering with my thumbs and using all driving assists. On those fast curves, it seems that pressing repeatedly with my thumb to stay on the racing line (as I've always done) prevent the car to accelerate continuously. It was pretty obvious on Paul Ricard track, when my opponent gain 1.5 sec over me in a single fast curve while he was trailing 0.4s behind from the beginning... It could explain why I keep losing races like this. Has something been changed with the update?