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  1. Norrin78

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    Actually this was quite fun 😆 But it screwed 2 or 3 of my best laps. Anyway to reset those from time to time?
  2. Norrin78

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Also race starts are much better now. In grid start you can actually overtake some cars in front of you (which I never managed to do before despite perfect starts). And I don’t seem to get those abrupt slowdown in sprint race starts which is great. A bothering issue still is that on some tracks there are curves where I almost always lose a lot of time against my opponent: - Sakhir turn 11 - Shanghai turn 13 - Suzuka S curves are the worst. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with driving assists. My guess is that players not using them get an unfair advantage in this curves (I use full driving assists). Monaco became even more difficult due to bumping track mostly. You really need to give a stronger penalty for players short cutting Nouvelle chicane. Especially players not using braking assist who go can go through it at full speed and gain some time despite getting a penalty. And finally I’m still annoyed by those penalties given to the driver on the outside of turns no matter what. Doesn’t seem fair to me. Even if it’s pretty realistic when you see what happened last sunday 😅
  3. Norrin78

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Hi, Indeed, tracks are quite bumpy now, making you lose control in curbs. Not great. About haptic, what devices are compatible? Doesn’t work on my iphone 6s. Would love to have it. PS: New liveries are awesome 😎 Thanks
  4. Norrin78

    French event

    Hi, Once again I get troubled by gold tier laptimes: 1:20:... come on! How is that even possible. Could someone post a video for my education please 🤨 As I’m still trying to figure this out, are there players out there who use full driving assist (like me) and manage to reach silver or gold tier on GP events? Because my guess is that it’s not really possible. If you want to achieve that you have to play without driving assist which I find unfortunate. Knowing this would at least comfort me a little 😂
  5. Hi, I agree about those contacts where handed penalties don’t seem fair. Against players who don’t use braking assist, I used to be bumped into the rear and knocked off the track. But this issue seems to have been addressed (at least I get the feeling it doesn’t happen anymore). But I have a real issue with players making desperate moves on the inside, knocking me out of the track, getting away with it and last but not least, handing ME a penalty. In my case it happens regularly. Fortunately the game is as good as it ever was, so I just quit and try another race. But this is very annoying and should be addressed one way or another (giving a penalty to the inside car or not giving a penalty to the outside car or allowing contact with no penalty at all but preventing the outside car being knocked off the track). About the SR, I find it very difficult to have a good one (and keep it). Basically, either you try to do a clean race to get a good SR, or you try to win it. But doing both is almost impossible for me. Bots, even if they are much better now, keep having weird behavior most of the time. Overtaking you at 400 km/h, then performing unnecessary heavy braking on the next corner so that it is impossible to avoid contact. In the end still having fun, so that’s what matters 😀 I hope the french event will be great with the track update. See you on the track!
  6. Norrin78

    Spain Grand Prix

    Late answer. 1:14:738 with an iphone 6S. I see setups with no brakes at all. Weird 🤔
  7. Norrin78

    Rewards for veterans?

    Hi, Been playing for a long time and I’m stuck at level 25 and 9999 cup points. Still playing though but it would be nice to have new goals to achieve. Thanks
  8. Norrin78

    2 things bothering me

    Hi racers, Still playing and enjoying the game here, but I can think of 2 really annoying issues: First, players hitting you on the inside of the first corner and getting away with it. This is a real pain for fair players: you let some space on the inside like a gentleman driver, just to be crashed by Bozo who goes full rev into you, knocking you out of the track without being penalized. Is it so hard to fix? Second, lap times during events seem cheated a lot. I suppose it has to do with massive corner cutting unsanctionned. I can think of a few chicanes where I regularly lose 1.5s against my opponent despite sticking to the racing line and taking a pretty decent corner. Lost one in Montréal this way and that was just outrageous (Monaco tunnel exit is another one where I saw players just going straight through the chicane). So again, is it so difficult to prevent players from gaining an advantage by leaving the track? These are the 2 biggest issues I’m experiencing right now. The game would be so much better if they were solved or at least greatly improved. Thanks
  9. Norrin78

    Spain Grand Prix

    Yes, I'll give it a try. But last time I tried (that was before update 5), it didn't really change anything.
  10. Norrin78

    Going to just leave this here.

    Nice livery indeed. 😍
  11. Alright. Just to say that I'm back at it and the game feels much better now. Still have some weird races here and then, but overall I really enjoy it once again. IMO, gameplay feels more consistant. Still getting penalized for being rammed into by opponents (AI or players), but I'll survive. Driving assists are much better. Braking assist has been adressed in a lot of curves which is nice. See you on the track.
  12. Norrin78

    Spain Grand Prix

    Hi there, With full driving assists, and a balanced setup of 1497 points, I can't imagine getting under 1:14. Following the racing line exactly, no acceleration hiccups or tricky braking zones the game used to have... I really don't see how, without cheating (corner cutting the chicane?) or maybe by tweaking my setup. But being awarded the 18th position on the grid with that lap time feels pretty harsh to me. We'll see how the race goes tomorrow 😉
  13. That is just how the game feels right now. I've been playing for months, almost everyday, and today, once again, I lost 3 qualifying duels in a row, trailing around 1-1.5 sec behind on the finish line, against opponents with weaker setups (last one add 300 performance points less than me), not making any particular mistake (even beating one lap record in the process)... I just don't get it. I feel like the game depends from invisible tweaks, and I just can't do anything about it, no matter how good or clean I drive. It just feels like russian roulette. Like I wrote in the survey, I won races I probably shouldn't have won, and I lost races I certainly shouldn't have lost. IMO, racegames need clarity, for the player to understand how to improve, accept when he loses and enjoy when he wins. In addition, events are biased by players doing insanely fast laptimes, ruining any interest for fair players. So I think I'll be leaving for a while. Even though I got pretty addicted to it. Cheers,
  14. Norrin78

    Request for a new penalty system

    Another race lost in Suzuka with my opponent sailing through the last chicane without being penalized. Basically, I find it very difficult to increase my SR. Grid start races are a nightmare with AI bot ramming into you at every corner. Sometimes I wish it would be recorded just to show how outrageous the AI can be. Sometimes they overtake you like you're driving a GP2, and 2 corners later, they almost stop on the exit in a way you can't even avoid them. And if you try to have a clean race, well, you lose. So as a fair player, I'm really left heavily frustrated most of the time.
  15. Norrin78

    Request for a new penalty system

    Hi, On numerous occasions, I’m trying to take a clear corner, following the racing line, and I get hit from the inside, thrown out from the track AND getting penalized for it 😳 So, for corner collision, only the car on the inside should be penalized, don’t you think? Just like Kvyat was on the first corner in Shangai last sunday 😎