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  1. Norrin78

    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    Can’t get my VIP daily box too (and the free one either). I wouldn’t complain for the free one but since I paid to get the VIP, I find it annoying. Can you fix this please? Regards,
  2. Norrin78

    Braking assist

    Hi, @Dr Zaius Acceleration is automatic. I do the steering with my thumbs and sometimes have to manage a manual brake or two (for hairpins and chicanes mostly). @StKnowhere You say that because you don’t use driving assists so when you lose a race because you made a mistake, you’re the only one to blame. But for players who do, no matter how well you drive, sometimes you just can’t win and for me this is an important issue. I mean, we’re talking mobile gaming here. If you want a large audience, you need simple gameplay and not to disgust casual players. Every player should be able to play the game the way that suits him best without being penalized for it. At least not as badly as it can sometimes. And I’m pretty sure improvements have been made in this area lately. Some of the turns I mentioned above are feeling better now, so I really think it can be addressed.
  3. Norrin78

    No credits for challenges.

    Same here (20 creds lost until now) Could you please fix it asap? Thanks
  4. Norrin78

    Invisible Walls

    An invisible wall at Monaco tunnel exit chicane would be greatly appreciated though
  5. Norrin78

    Braking assist

    I see your point but I disagree because it means that a player using brake assist can’t win against an opponent who doesn’t, unless the ladder makes a mistake. No matter how good his lap will be, he just won’t win and it bothers me. So for me this parameter (brake assist level) should be considered in matchmaking in order to provide fairer gameplay. For example, I’m using medium brake assist and I lose around 1-1.5 sec through the last 2 corners of Hockenheim ring against some players which is very frustrating.
  6. Norrin78

    Braking assist

    Hi, As a player who uses braking assist, I find it pretty depressing to lose several tenths or even a second over one single corner or chicane against other opponents. So here’s a list of corners where I regularly get outrageously outrun by duel opponents: Melbourne turn 11-12 Sakhir turn 11 Shanghaï turns 13 & 16 Spielberg turn 6-7 Silverstone turn 17-18 Hockenheim turn 13 Budapest turn 8-9 Suzuka turn 1-2 Sao Paulo turn 4 Yas Marina turn 12-13 Could devs improve braking assist in those corners to make players who use it lose less time? Another way to solve this could be to tweak matchmaking to avoid duel between players who use braking assist and others who don’t, even if it means playing against bots. That would be nice. Thanks
  7. Norrin78

    Belgium Grand Prix Event

    I struggled to qualify (had to deactivate braking assist to achieve 1:42:00). And during races, it was really difficult to gain positions. In race 2 and 3, I needed one lap just to catch up with the guy in front of me at the start of the sprint... pretty depressing. Ended up 4th. Could have achieved 3rd without a mistake at La Source in the last lap 🤬 Bronze tier obviously for me as I use brake assist. Monza, here I come 😎
  8. Norrin78

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Hi, @CosareNL: I didn’t say devs were not to blame, I said they don’t really care. Of course, I don’t understand why it is so difficult to define track boundaries and apply penalties or slowdown when you cross them but I don’t know much about programming so maybe it’s not that simple. And I definitely don’t blame other players who just try to push the game to the limit. That’s fair enough for me. About braking assist, I’m seriously considering to drop it (because it definitely kills me on numerous corners; there again, why is it so difficult to adjust?) but playing on a smartphone with my thumbs to steer makes manual brake pretty difficult especially with multiple opponents. And I agree with you @iainc: this is an official game. So it is disappointing that they don’t try to solve those issues. But like I said, I’m not sure they really care 😐
  9. Norrin78

    Useless Parts

    I totally agree with that. Even getting a common part to level 8 or 9 seems pointless.
  10. Norrin78

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    Interesting post that made me realize that there are basically 2 types of players: - the ones (like me) who tries to play in a realistic way, trying to recreate what they see on TV, - and others that consider this purely as a game and will try to figure out how to get the best possible lap times, meaning they won’t hesitate to cut corners if the game allows them to do it, searching for every additionnal inch without getting a penalty or slowdown, and of course playing the game in the most efficient mode (eg. without driving assists). The first ones call the second ones cheaters and the second ones call the first ones sunday players. None of them are right. We just don’t play the game the same way. In the end what bothers me is that I think it’s not really a devs concern because no matter what they do, they will always end up with those 2 types of irreconcilable players. So imo, there’s not much more to do about GP events (I know I will always be stuck in bronze tier and well, so be it). But for duels, matchmaking should avoid confrontation between those 2 types of players. And I don’t think only in terms of gold/silver/bronze tiers but also of driving assists: for example, a player using braking assist shouldn’t be facing an opponent (real or AI) who don’t use it. And I’m definitely not sure this is the case. Great lap indeed even if, imho, your car goes too often outside track boundaries and shouldn’t be allowed to do it 😅
  11. Comforting to see I’m not the only one experiencing all those issues. I pretty much agree with all of them. I would add that the penalty system, despite being a good idea in the first place, is finally doing more harm than good the way it is implemented today. It doesn’t discourage bad behaviors and even end up giving unfair penalties to fair players. So, as of today, definitely pointless. And that it is getting boring to fight duels I can’t actually win because my opponent (real or bots, who cares) can get 1+sec ahead within a single corner. I get the feeling I’m having more and more duels like this and it just feels like I’m losing my time. Especially when sometimes you finally get a good duel, with both cars remaining within a few tenth for the all lap, and it reminds you how enjoyable this game can be. Is a better matchmaking possible?
  12. Norrin78

    Epic parts level 5?

    Just saw new patch solved this 🤣 Great!
  13. Norrin78

    Epic parts level 5?

    Hi, I reached level 4 on two epic parts and it doesn’t seem to be able to reach level 5 (see picture). Problem is I have the VIP pass that allows you to chose between two epic parts for improvement each time you earn one. And when one of those level 4 epic parts is picked I don’t really have a choice anymore. So could it be possible to unlock level 5 for epic parts or prevent level 4 epic parts to be drawn for the VIP pass advantage? Thanks
  14. Norrin78

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    Actually this was quite fun 😆 But it screwed 2 or 3 of my best laps. Anyway to reset those from time to time?
  15. Norrin78

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Also race starts are much better now. In grid start you can actually overtake some cars in front of you (which I never managed to do before despite perfect starts). And I don’t seem to get those abrupt slowdown in sprint race starts which is great. A bothering issue still is that on some tracks there are curves where I almost always lose a lot of time against my opponent: - Sakhir turn 11 - Shanghai turn 13 - Suzuka S curves are the worst. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with driving assists. My guess is that players not using them get an unfair advantage in this curves (I use full driving assists). Monaco became even more difficult due to bumping track mostly. You really need to give a stronger penalty for players short cutting Nouvelle chicane. Especially players not using braking assist who go can go through it at full speed and gain some time despite getting a penalty. And finally I’m still annoyed by those penalties given to the driver on the outside of turns no matter what. Doesn’t seem fair to me. Even if it’s pretty realistic when you see what happened last sunday 😅