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  1. Norrin78

    Esports challenge impossible?

    Hi, for me Monaco target is 1:03.00 (it was 1:02.50 before) and my best lap is slightly below 1:06.00 So basically unreachable. Makes me wonder about this game. I always considered it a great arcade game. I don't really see the point of going to this esport mentality. If I want F1 sim racing I go to my PC, my racing wheel and there you go. This is a mobile game. We play that on smartphones 🙄
  2. Norrin78

    Japan 0 pi

    Hi, I’m a little confused with Zero PI challenge. At Suzuka, I get the following: Qualifying 1:38.80 -> 12901 pts 1st race 5:05.81 -> 22592 pts 2nd race 4:58.67 -> 17734 pts Total -> 53227 pts so I don’t get the final, and most interesting, reward (@60k) And I find it pretty harsh. At Sochi it gets even worse as I don’t even reach 50k... Isn’t there a balancing problem here? Pretty disappointed since I paid for the pass (thinking I would reach 60k as usual) and I really don’t see how to improve that much unless I lower driving assist of course (I use medium) therefore having to heavily modify the way I play which I don’t want to. I know I don’t get those golden laptimes the way I play. Silver is fine by me. But this time I feel flawed. If I had known, I wouldn’t have paid for this challenge.
  3. Norrin78

    Same car, same setup drive differently at times?

    Happens quite often. Most of the time I get under-steer, as if controls got laggy. I experienced over-steer too, but less frequently. I agree with you, it's really annoying because this game is all about timing (steering and braking) in order to get the best laptime. I had several races ruined because of this. I get that in Duels, not in single races or events. So I guess it has to do with some sort of network lag affecting controls. Hockenheim first corner has a bug with unwanted sliding and also a loss of power. Been like this for months but nobody seems to care. I don't think devs actually play their game because this is an obvious bug. Just need to be careful on this one.
  4. Norrin78

    Ads and daily box

    It’s become painful to earn credits by watching ads or get the daily box. You click and ads won’t load. Tried restarting the game, getting closer to the wifi, switching to cellular but nothing seems to solve this. Sometimes I even get the ad but not the 2 credits 🤬 Pretty annoying (once again).
  5. Norrin78

    Lost control

    I have the same problem every once in a while. At first I thought I was putting my thumb in a wrong place. But then I paid a closer attention and realised that my thumb was in the right place. So I don’t know where that comes from. Pretty annoying indeed.
  6. Norrin78

    Epic parts level 6 and player level

    Wow... 🤣
  7. Norrin78

    Impossible sector 2 lap time....

    Hi, Unfortunately, I don’t pay attention anymore to those timetables because it’s not reliable at all. I guess it has something to do with network lag.
  8. Hi, In a racing game, and particularly an F1 racing game, lap times and top speed are imo an important feature, because you’ll be motivated to beat them until the end (even more when you can slowly upgrade your car). And for whatever reason, this feature has always been flawed in F1 mobile racing. At the moment, I have 2 tracks that won’t record any best laptimes despite racing them in single and multiplayer. Sometimes I beat my best laptime but it doesn’t seem to be updated. On some tracks I have insane top speed registered, well above the top speed I know my setup can reach. About the latter I realized that sometimes the game somehow cheats by giving you extra speed when you’re losing. Once I reached 340 kph in sector 3 at Melbourne Park which is nonsense. That would explain why I regularly beat my lap records despite losing the race. In the end, best lap times and top speed become irrelevant, removing what could and should be an interesting feature. Anyway to improve that?
  9. Norrin78

    Epic parts level 6 and player level

    I’ll keeping chatting with myself then. Wondering if it’s some sort of capping. Because level 6 epic would mean reaching 120 times the same part which is nearly impossible. Except if you’re ready to pay massively for credits to buy packs, hence becoming pay-to-win. But on the other hand, it would be another way for the editor to earn more money since some players seem to be ready to spend hundreds of $\€. So why not after all? Would love to take a look at all the stats they get from us 🤓
  10. Hi, Been playing for some time now. Reached level 35, and am stuck here. My setup is full of epic parts level 5 therefore I’m also stuck here. Once you reached level 3 for legendary parts progress towards level 4 becomes tedious. Kinda stuck here too. So I still enjoy races but all the building/experience is now over and I don’t know if it will be enough to make me stay. I have no interest in paying events since I find it kinda rigged (meaning I don’t want to pay for events I simply cannot win; meaning trailing seconds behind top 100 despite beating my own lap records). So I’m wondering if I’m the only one in this position 🤔 And if something could be done to solve this issue 😐 Or if no one cares and I will slowly but surely quit playing 😩 Because I became one of those veteran MMO player stuck under a glass ceiling I never thought I’d become one day 🤣
  11. Update for the Intermediate assist level saved the day for me. But I’m still trying to figure out the reason behind this major change. Must be classified information since nobody seems to dare giving us an explanation 🤐
  12. Norrin78

    Epic parts level 6 and player level

  13. Norrin78

    New update

    So I use the Intermediate level and after maybe 60-70 duels I have to admit that the game feels pretty good. It seems I get less of those unwinable races against players who used to gain a full second over me in the last 2 corners. Is it because of a better matchmaking or because players not using braking assist just walked off? Unlike what I read in some posts I even seem to get less bad players crashing into me 😯 So in the end, as a casual player I find the game more enjoyable since last update.
  14. Norrin78

    New update

    For me this is a life saver because the new intermediate setting is very close from my previous setting. And honestly it is much more logical now rather than going from medium to off between Novice and Intermediate like it was before. But I understand that players who want braking off with a low steering still won’t be satisfied.
  15. Norrin78

    New update

    I totally agree with that. There was and still is plenty of tweaks available to improve fairness before having to massively modify gameplay. That’s why I don’t really get it. But, as some players like vitallur seem to find better balance in that update, I will give it a try to make my own opinion. I only tried single races and not duels because I’m afraid I will endure a severe losing streak 😅