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  1. Luka0101998

    GRID 4

    Hello, i am a new member of this community but a long time Codemasters fan. I have played all Colin Mc Rae rally games, DIRT and GRID titles. Now, speaking of GRID. I love all the 3 games and want to see more, the series deserve a 4th title ! I know that rally racing is Codemasters forte but road/track racing is something that needs to return. My favorite game of those 3 is the 2nd. It captures the world of motorsport like it should. With all the game modes, cars, tracks it is most definently a game that could be used to make another. Just imagine all the new cars that came out since the last game, along with the rise of car culture, Codemasters could try to build something both fresh and at the same time appealing to every fan of the series` past. I would love an open world GRID game that captures all the previous track racing disciplines along with some not so legal racing. GRID could be the ultimate rival to Forza. What do you think ? Should GRID get a new title ?