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  1. elp1nko

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Worked for me as well now. The responses in this forum however are quite shocking to me. This is a royal screw-up by CM nonetheless and indefensible. The theory about Microsoft being hacked is beyond ridiculous. For sure even Microsoft isn't 100% hack proof, but the theory that someone would go to the length of hacking the Microsoft store only in order for people who have bought the Deluxe Edition of Dirty Rally 2.0, a game that has sold probably 1/100th of the copies of e.g. Forza Horizon 4, to not get an add-on for free as expected.... SERIOUSLY!? Other comments are also very disappointing. Sometimes I really wonder if corporations, including ones from the video game industry, also pay for Russian troll farms to have such comments posted. At least it seems a 100 times more likely than the Microsoft store being hacked so that DR2.0 Deluxe owners get their add-ons... This system with 100.000 small add-ons is damn complicated already so if I sell something like that and offer some kind of "all-in package" like the Deluxe edition for people who don't want to waste their time with all these micro transactions with a dollar here for this, a dollar here for that, then I better make damn sure that this works flawlessly and if there is an issue I make sure it is rectified as soon as possible, not after two days. We are talking multi million dollar deals between the game companies and Microsoft here, does anyone really believe there are no SLAs in place and emergency contacts on MS side?
  2. elp1nko

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    ...nothing is fine in the Xbox EU store, still wants to be paid, and it is now almost a day that this has not been fixed. Also I am not sure about whether this is supposed to be Deluxe content or not but it also shows me the "Opel Kadett C GT/E" with a price and the "H2 RWD Double Pack", are those supposed to cost something even for Deluxe owners or is this the same issue as with Estering? tbh this whole system is a mess and turns me off from buying a Codemasters game ever again. It is annoying that stuff is released at breadcrumb chunks and that each and every time you have to wonder and research whether you have already paid for this with the Deluxe edition or whether this is not included with the Deluxe edition. With racing games from the competition like Microsoft I also have Deluxe and Ultimate editions with a higher price but with very very few exceptions (Treasure map in FH is the only thing that comes to mind) I get ALL extra content and do not have to worry each and every time whether it is included or not or whether there is some screw up that makes the system try to charge me stuff that I already own.
  3. elp1nko

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Same here...