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    The Patch - Graphics are WORSE - PS4 Pro

    Maybe they need more time to fix the visuals
  2. Hm... I have a weird experience. Before patch I tried only long Poland and Argentina stages. Now i started the game and tried short stages (3-4 km) in Zew Zealand and Argentina. No tearing, no fps drops. It played just fine. Then i returned to Poland (Zarobka stage, 16km) and saw the same tearing and fps drops. It looks like it happens only on: 1. Long stages 2. In corners on long stages 3. When you crash a car on a long stage So, no fix for now on this problem.
  3. Dementiy

    DiRTy Gossip

    The same size for xbox one s
  4. I just bought dr 2.0 for my xbox one s and i'm very disappointed with optimization. A lot of screen tearing and fps drops during play. I hope you'll fix it.
  5. No. We just need to wait for a patch. 1. Because it's not a problem of a console or hardware. It's about optimization. Look at the other games such as forza motorsport 6/7, forza horizon 3/4, doom, dirt rally 1. They look amazing and play very well. 2. There are around 45-50 millions of xbox ones sold over the world. How many of them are "X" versions? Less than a half. I mean, there are a lot more regular and "S" xbox ones, so they must be priority number 1 for developers as more gamers play on these systems.
  6. Yep. I fully agree that dirt rally 1 looks much better on xbox one. MarcusPia, you didn't mention graphics tearing and low fps sometimes. Do you have such problems? I have made a topic about this in Technical Assistance.