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  1. 9 hours ago, sqdstr said:

    Indonesia from CMR1 with modern graphics & physics would be awesome, remember those sandy beaches, rice fields & villages and swamps

    And Kenya from CMR 2.0 too! :classic_ninja:


    Wow! Youtube recommended me some cool video about Indonesia)


  2. 16 minutes ago, jesped said:

    Sure. Have you seen ANY of those youtubers criticize ANY SINGLE THING about ANYTHING from the game?  those Youtubers that are invited to events and given Review codes in EXCHANGE OF PROMOTION?  reaaaally surprising, eh? 😂

    Any of those Youtubers said anything about the broken FFB in Dirt Rally 2NOPE, it was all "amazing" too until real customers discovered it was fuqed up after paying for the game on release.

    You kidding, right?  they have PLENTY of money to throw into Fernando Alonso's millionaire pockets, instead spending all that BIG MONEY into better salaries for the real developers, more people on the dev team and more development time. Do you think it is cheap to rent Fernando Alonso's brand? do you think that makes a better game than spending that money on the devs themselves?  why not even the big powerhouses like Sony or Microsoft do lame marketing moves like this with their racing games? 🤷‍♂️


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  3. 16 minutes ago, jesped said:

    Race Driver GRID and Dirt 2 were the best of them. 10 years ago. Counting out rare exceptions like Dirt Rally, which was the only Early Access experiment from Codemasters, it has been pretty downhill from those days.

    I don't get why so many people love Dirt 2. Gymkhana/Ken Block/Monster Energy - 🤢753570166_pepegame.jpg.4913e52b73526c423d26505dd3d94793.jpg

    Dirt Rally (1.0) is much better game with classic rally experience like in CMR 1/2.0/3/04/2005. 

    27 minutes ago, jesped said:

    Now GRID 2019...    yeah, it looks fun. But outdated (F1 games from several years ago look better) , and very important too, lacking in content for a full price game, specially comparing to the previous entry in the franchise, GRID Autosport.

    Yep, they need to heavily update their ego engine.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, MattyH1812 said:

    You were talking about Horizon 4 and DriveClub (also 30FPS btw) not Forza 7 and DR1 🤣 can't just change your argument to older games whenever it suits you

    Just get over it man, you have a ***** console (which I also have, just to be clear) that can't run the game as well as modern hardware can

    I mentioned it a couple of posts earlier. :classic_smile:



    Lowest power, but dirt rally 1.0 looks like 2.0 compared to dirt rally 2.0.

    And again:

    If dirt rally 2.0 can't achieve the results of dirt rally 1.0 and be as good, then it's not 2.0. It's 0.5. 👺

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  5. 3 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    May as well weigh in here.


    • DiRT Rally 2.0 is designed to run at 60fps on console when driving (replays are 30fps).
      The driving experience is the most important part of the game and ensuring that is as smooth as possible is the game's priority.
    • In order to achieve this the base consoles use dynamic resolution scaling (other games do this too), as they cannot always reliably hit 1080p/60fps while running DiRT Rally 2.0.
    • Sometimes in more complicated scenarios (like when there are lots of effects or complicated objects on the screen) this means the resolution will decrease in order to retain the framerate.
    • A 1080p/30fps option is not available as the performance of some physics elements are tied to the framerate, and locking that to 30 would cause additional issues.
    • As this is a core part of how the game functions, I would not expect an update to be made to this in the future.



    @Dementiy, the games you referred to above both run at 30fps on base-level hardware (Forza Horizon 4 only runs above 30fps on Xbox One X and Windows 10).

    The bump up to 60fps provides a smoother experience but that comes at a cost as twice as much data needs to run through the console.

    With racing games on base-level hardware a choice often has to be made, higher resolution or smoother performance. Smoother performance was chosen as above all else, it's the driving that matters. 



    Because of that design choises we have the current situation. These 30 fps games are amazing games, dirt rally 2.0 - a blurry mess with screen tearing and fps drops. Yeah, very smooth experience.

    forza motorsport 7 - 1080/60 fps
    dirt rally 1.0 - 1080/60 fps 

    If dirt rally 2.0 can't achieve the results of dirt rally 1.0 and be as good, then it's not 2.0. It's 0.5. 👺

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  6. 1 hour ago, Lollerke said:

    Forza Horzion 4 is PC and Xbox only game from a first party developer with much more money, time and special support for research and optimization from Microsoft. Codemasters hasn't got any special treatment developing their games and has to do a Playstation 4 version also.

    So now this is a problem of a small studio, like codemasters?) Not hardware?)) :classic_biggrin:

    1 hour ago, Lollerke said:

    Dirt Rally 1 has a lot worse shadow and lightning system than 2.0. Everything looks unnatural and bleak. Grass on the terrain is also a lot better with 2.0. Because of these resource intensive stuffs, DR2.0 had to compromise on the resolution on low powered consoles.


    And now it is a problem of hardware again. Fanboys are so funny. :classic_biggrin:

    Another "expert" in the thread. Go away too. 

  7. 20 hours ago, Thierry97 said:

    When they arrange this cabbage of graphics on consoles of lesser power ???? Absurd:classic_angry:

    Unfortunately there are only a small amount of us who complains about this. Besides, they are focusing on the FFB and minor bug-fixes.

    The game failed at sales, so it's clear that most of the team working on another project. Let's be realistic, they won't be fixing it. 

    Just switch to DR 1.0 or WRC 7 as I did. 👺

    And this is just another lesson not to buy games at release and read reviews at first. 👺

    19 hours ago, ianism said:

    you clearly did not read it.

    ps. xbox one s has lowest power of any of the consoles. of course it will look bad



    1080p TV, still blurry, still screen tearing.

    Lowest power, but dirt rally 1.0 looks like 2.0 compared to dirt rally 2.0.

    Lowest power, but Forza Horizon 4 has mind-blowing graphics and performance.

    Just go away, "expert".

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  8. 4 hours ago, SteV said:

    It's down to the hardware. It's blurry because they've had to make sacrifices to get the game to run on the Xbox One because it lacks ooomph. It looks and runs fantastic on the One X because it's Xbox One X Enhanced to make use of the hardware.

    Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon laugh at this message.

    >to get the game to run on the Xbox One because it lacks ooomph.

    It's rather codemasters lack normal devs. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, watzcoc said:

    I am not sure weather this is placebo or if there are any differences but from what i have seen it does settle the frame rate/ screen tearing issue aswell. I did not experience this once. 


    Can you please test USA (Hancock Hill Sprint Reverse / Daytime, clear, dry) stage?

    I usually try this stage to see if tearing happens, because there are some stages in game on which you can't see it.

    I think you didn't experience problems because Sweden is ported from DR 1.

  10. 2 hours ago, Riggs said:

    -- PATCH v1.3 Bug List --

    Based on v1.3's changelog and taking note of the fixes it brings, here's the updated bug list reported in the v1.2 thread, which represents all the bugs that still need fixing

    17. Screen tearing and black screens problems on Xbox One ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409736 ) NOTE: Needs confirmation if this still happens in v1.3


    Tearing still happens. Not fixed.

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  11. Nice idea! +1
    I was thinking about something like this too. I'll copy my post from another topic:

    One console generation = One graphics engine.

    dirt rally 1.0 + new physics + new stages + new cars + improved career mode + racenet = epic win (no changes in graphics/lighting etc)

  12. 10 hours ago, Tranzitive said:

    I doubt it's this. even on PS4 Pro the game looks pretty bad.

    It's just a lazy console port. They haven't even tried to optimize it at all for any of the consoles. I guess they ran out of time to do it before release. It's a shame because the last F1 game looked outstanding on PS4 Pro, so I know that Codemasters can do it if they want.

    While reading forums I see that there are FPS problems on PC as well. Some guys reported on twitter about tearing on xbox one X in 4k mode. 

    And yes, they can do it. The game needs serious polishing. 💪


    I have a suggestion for developers, but some people of course will disagree.

    So. For example, how many difference in graphics do you see between gran turismo 1 and 2? Or between gran turismo 3 and 4, 5 and 6? Overall no difference. 

    One console generation = One graphics engine.

    dirt rally 1.0 + new physics + new stages + new cars + improved career mode + racenet = epic win (no changes in graphics/lighting etc)

    Maybe in parallel universe gamers play in this version of dr 2.0 🙃

    [ I'm saying for myself, I would be happy with that dirt rally 2.0. ]

  13. >but the handling is so so much better.

    Yes. But all the pros are destroyed by poor performance.

    >Btw I'm on 'standard Xbox' and I'm enjoying the game.

    No. We are playing on different standard xbox ones?)) You really don't see tearing, blurry graphics and poor framerate?)

    Or you just didn't play it enough? Try some Argentina/Poland/USA stages, especially the long ones. Sometimes it drops fps for 20, maybe 30 seconds. And it's like you are watching a slideshow. 😈

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  14. 8 minutes ago, FLAW3D said:


    Yeah that day one patch wasnt released to the public, Got you now 😉 🤣

    Honestly at this point i dont think Codies are fixing anything (night and wet stages were supposed to be fixed - yeah right did they forget we play the game?) and will have moved onto their next title and only have a skeleton crew on this. What we needed was transparency after the last patch of what can be fixed, what they are working on and possibly what they could look at in the future but we have not heard from them since the patch and their socials are just full of nonsense with answering no questions put at them. 


    That would be great if Christina posted news from developers (on what they are working on and possibly what they could look at in the future).

  15. I keep playing dr 2.0 and I start to notice all small details in the UI and how beautiful it is combined with the music. Just WOW. I love it.

    Guys who worked on this, I give your work 10/10. :classic_cool:👍

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  16. 3 minutes ago, afahoy said:

    So can you detail how long each aspect of the various fixes takes? What the precise problems in the code are? How long it takes to test all the changes and get them signed off? Do you actually know anything about how things need prioritisation and how developers don’t actually work 24 hours a day or at weekends?

    I think the point is that we all miss the ps1/ps2-xb/ps3-x360 era when we bought a finished product at release. At that time there was no right for mistakes, developers had to test the game entirely.

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  17. 1 minute ago, FLAW3D said:

    How long ago did the game go gold? I would say 8-12 weeks ago so they have been working on the "finished version" for quite a while now. 

    Yes, I fully agree that it's very dissapointing to see an unfinished game. But we have what we have. I still hope they will make their best to fix all the visuals problems during a month.