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  1. puzzling anonymous


    Looking at this thread, it seems that the discussion is tough because of various types of cheaters. They may modify the program to enable shortcuts, use server hacking to record illegal times, or get the strongest machine with illegally obtained credits... Paying the money and making it the strongest machine, and recording a great time is legitimate way, so I think the third cheaters are much to blame. Moreover they have greatly reduced the record value of “Super players” who endure the brakes to the limit and run fastest in all corners” like @mattzd. If codemasters can’t stop the cheat, in order to make it meaningless, I want to enjoy events that allow us to compete under almost the same condition by lowering the upper limit of developing parts.
  2. puzzling anonymous

    Can’t close ADs

    Sorry, I found the solution myself. I just didn't notice a change in the specification, "If the close button doesn't appear, just select no with “yes / no” on the bottom."
  3. puzzling anonymous

    Can’t close ADs

    The close button does not appear and some ads (toonblast/ Age of Z/ Homescape) can not be closed. There is also a possibility only in my environment, but please investigate. iPhone 7 plus/Japan
  4. puzzling anonymous

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    As a potentially very good game, it is very disappointing that the developer's stance of giving up modification of the root of the racing game such as frame rate and exact time measurement, and adding only silly functions.
  5. puzzling anonymous

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    plz test before release, and give fair emergency measures to all players before British event.
  6. puzzling anonymous

    framerate drop again...

    In duel mode, the timing of framerate drop is random and not clear. But in my environment, it is often the case that issues occur in Bahrain, Monaco, Austria, and Mexico.
  7. puzzling anonymous

    framerate drop again...

    Framerate drop frequently occurs in the third lap of the Austrian single race as well as Monaco. There was no problem in France, so server communication by each course may be the cause. If this problem still remains, I can not get much faster lap time in the Austrian event race. There is a possibility only in my environment, so I can not expect much, but I would like you to take action to reduce the frequency if possible. iPhone 7 Plus in Japan.
  8. puzzling anonymous

    Technical issues such as framerate drop

    Now framerate drops in duels have happened four times in a row. And in the event of monaco it suddenly happened, sometimes framerate stopped for a moment, at other times a little framerate drop continued to the finish line.I have a feeling that I lost half a second per one lap, so I gave up trying to make my best lap. Please tell me what to do for a temporery solution, and investigate seriously the possibility that the cause may be this update’s code errorness.
  9. puzzling anonymous

    Technical issues such as framerate drop

    Increasing framerate drop is still remain for my iPhone 7 plus. In 1 lap qualify in monaco, that frequently happenes after Nouvelle chicane.