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  1. Congratulations to the best Rally driver Lukáš Matěja for winning.
  2. I have recently ridden all 12 stages MC several times, both SP and online championship. Setting the details to high and purple color was never seen. I use an Nvidia graphics card and the latest drivers, I will definitely ask friends with AMD graphics. Edit: One DRII community friend plays on the RX 5700 driver v 20.11.1 graphics card without flags.
  3. I will not connect today and without no error code.
  4. According to almost any response , cheats the majority of riders on the first places World Series?
  5. Here are lacking penalization, rider helped so about -2s?
  6. I have please question, they are allowed soft pneu thank you.
  7. I'm really looking forward to the sound of the engine for the Fabia.
  8. I'll join, I have a PC version Steam and I'm from Czech republic. Edit: Steam profile ID? PET.SILD
  9. How to apply more skins on one car? Directory livery_01 and sr5_tex_gr_high_01.pssg does not work.thank you.
  10. Hi, very useful app unfortunately I can't run, pops up an error message. I have installed the Visual C for Visual Studio 2015/2017 thank you for the help. A Video tutorial is not helping...
  11. Locking the DLC cars limits the options of the game, please Codemasters to clear this uselessness.
  12. Thank you for the answer, the basic skin for the Focus are absolutely drab and ugly. The locked DLC cars sometimes the CM explained?
  13. Very beautiful coat that was missing. I'm so excited, a big thanks.
  14. It's not a proper 🙂 car, try to drive the Stratos in Sweden.
  15. Who pls creates the most beautiful coat of the Monte Carlo 2018 for the R5 Fabia?
  16. Please advice how to work with audio bnk files? I found the old tutorials, but I'm not successful, thank you. Pet
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