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  1. EricTheRed

    F1 save car setups

    Hey there I would like to know if there is a way to move your save car setups from f1 2012 to f1 2013. As dont feel like entering them again. Can anyone help with this Thanx Viking
  2. EricTheRed

    Error 500 in Racenet (Rivals)

    I am having the same problem
  3. EricTheRed

    Racenet event

    I agree I have seen that HARRISONGAMERPC did a lap in australia melbourne and he did that in 1:00.291 Is that even possible. Thats 38 sec faster than I can do it. when Formula 1 Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004 1:24.125 7 March 2004There must be cheating Viking